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Microbiology medical scientist, progressive, pro worker, environmentalist, Australian. Not in that order. Tweets are my own.

Adelaide, Australia
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20 hours ago

Barilaro takes a 'well earned break', says MSM. That's from draining western rivers by sanctioned water theft, destroying national parks by legislating to fill them with ferals, and killing koalas to protect property developer mates. Maybe the media could give *us* a break.

Quoted @PeteMilne4

Before we embark on our next gas-fired recovery, it might be worthwhile checking in to see how the last one is going. So here is an around the country tour of the #LNG boom starting in Queensland. 1/11

A great tweet thread outlining the many pitfalls of the LNG industry in Australia https://t.co/Zgnnge6WAE

Sen. Lindsey Graham justifies his treatment of Merrick Garland: "If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump's term, and the primary process has started, we'll wait to the next election" https://t.co/E8N7a8IlIG

When grocery stores have a "supermarket of the year 2014-15" sticker, has it ever impacted anyone's shopping habits ever in the history of the world? It's like I was going to spend my $80 at the other store, but now I know you where amazing 6 years ago, take me money.

Quoted @marianne_levine

McConnell tonight: "President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate."

So there it is, as if there was any doubt #RBG https://t.co/StilQuVv8Y

if @drkerrynphelps, @_Oliver_Yates & @RobOakeshott1 had been successful at the last election we'd have a minority gov't negotiating with a strong cross bench. please stop for a second & imagine how different australia would be today. pls ♥️ this if you support #independents.

Imagine being part of a political party that doesn't want socio/economic/environmental progress because maybe you're doing ok, so stuff everyone else. #auspol

Quoted @CUhlmann

“We live in a police state. A punitive state. When penalties get raised, no one bothers to ask why anymore, even though Melbourne’s lockdown is now longer and more extreme than that in Wuhan, where authorities took to welding shut doors.” https://t.co/31mdLWlBCA

Yeah true, locking asylum seekers in indefinite detention is the work of a police state. #auspol https://t.co/hoxDZLBaDq

I just signed a @theactionnet petition: Tour Down Under - #BreakAwayFromGas. Sign here: https://t.co/px5ftbyvEQ

I'll never understand the people during lockdown who are upset the total deaths from #COVID19 is "so low". It's like being upset that not enough have people have died from car accidents even though we have airbags and seatbelts.

And some growers/politicians wonder why not every one wants to pick fruit? Join your #union https://t.co/7Lr3kuPxYF

It's seems the Morrison plan is to make announcements about things which have either a) already previously been announced, or b) will never actually amount to anything. Don't mistake activity for achievement. #auspol

NEW VIDEO: 📺 #TrumpWantsToInfectUs Trump believes blue states will suffer far more so he don't care if a few million Americans die. https://t.co/SVSOv1jqB4

What is the NSW Liberals and Nationals track record on koalas? #nswpol @friendlyjordies @savePSkoalas @koalas_psk @psansw https://t.co/bzF4jaXVTG

You're for or against the movement working to fight #ClimateChange Theres very little time left, if youre voting for a political party who denies the science on the #ClimateEmergency you are an enabler "Global warming is real and it's getting much worse" https://t.co/gfdq9cnrmP

In the past year Australia had it's worst bushfires in recorded history, the west coast of America has been devastated, now the Amazon is burning Climate change is real, it's worsening at a rapid pace and it doesn't matter if you believe in it or not https://t.co/AYnQwRWwbP

PETITION | Have your say on COVID-19 testing in pharmacies 👉https://t.co/5IWK7nAbaq #pharmacy #petition

Next time we vote North Sydney - Let’s Not Re-Elect Trent #timesupTrent #auspol https://t.co/tzt3KTCGbu

Next time we vote North Sydney - Let’s Not Re-Elect Trent #timesupTrent #auspol https://t.co/tzt3KTCGbu

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