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Trendfollower TA junkie. CEO - Zerosum Publishing & Zero Sum Trading. Hated by many, motivated to be great!

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Quoted @TheHannahRay

Looks like some troopers are here too.


Quoted @P3inNc

@zerosum24 The news says this stopped when the feds left. Is this happening now?

This did not stop when the FEDs left, it has never stopped. Yes, this is tonight.

A mom got Allen Iverson treatment. Maybe stop going to riots, just a thought.

Portland PD comes outta halftime on a mission.

Shitload of teargas up in a residential area in #Portland after a riot was declared by PD.

Counter-protester and BLM megaphone dude clash scene in #Eugene

It’s not soo fun when your tactics are used against you. Counter-protesters block some wannabe medic “pass out the water” guy’s van.

BLM/Antifa are not welcome in Eugene. All that violence and rioting BS doesn’t work outside of Portland.

Quoted @zerosum24

#EugeneProtests livestream video on Facebook $FB

dude getting pressed!

Eugene was having none of it.

Quoted @zerosum24

#EugeneProtests livestream video on Facebook $FB

shit is lit right now

Quoted @AmericaRising17

@zerosum24 Do they realize they've gone to far? Their slogan is now tied to destruction, violence, and apathy for the lives of anyone else.

George Floyd bro. You with the movement or what, you fascist.

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