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"شو ذنبه يقتلوه بدم بارد؟".. والدة الشـ ـهــيد إياد الحلاق تروي تفاصيل إعدام ابنها أمام باب الأسباط بالقدس المحتلة https://t.co/lL3rI7KZge

You don't need to know Arabic to understand this mother's pain. Her special needs son Iyad Hallaq was shot in the Old City of Jerusalem todau by occupation forces. 'What did he do to be shot in cold blood,' she demands to know. https://t.co/KcDpQckwVT

  • WolfWayz
    4 months ago

    @zahahassan @marwasf You don’t even need to hear her. Pain is felt through her eyes and senseless violent dominance will soon be overcome once we all learn how to use the World Wide Web as antena, coordinate, and execute simultaneously as one race against our one universal evil oppressor. Say when.