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Weighing barely 850 grams, her daughter's health condition was so critical that it became a case study for neonatologists https://t.co/PD49qN8ewn

"After adjusting the formula 68 times, I finally got the right recipe!” https://t.co/UhhVRCaMz2

"My first 3-4 years earnings were just a small portion of what I earned previously." https://t.co/ALFdtYckMw

Not all of us want a princess gown for our weddings😉 https://t.co/l8j9Z87fK2

This game has much more to do with Singaporean perspectives than one may think https://t.co/ccgGKUduyr

No aspiring professional player will find it easy to start a professional gaming career. Yet the odds against herself are stacked even higher https://t.co/7M4IA8v2OD

You've probably heard of the term entrepreneur, but what about intrapreneurs? https://t.co/gX5m2Ryy0b

"Younger ones might be too sheltered to bother with something as unglamorous as cobbling, they are also uncertain where the wearer has been and what has been stepped on. I think this is unnecessary since we don’t overthink whenever... https://t.co/N2vGwLSLAx

He works with dogs and other animals on a daily basis, but he is not Singapore’s own version of Cesar Millan - he doesn't train and discipline dogs https://t.co/l6nclvGCs7

"The difference between big businesses and humble tradesmen is that you can always sit down with us for a chat while we assist you, it is part of our old culture - to treat every customer like family." https://t.co/6DStYLraZz

While their previous collections focused mainly on womenswear, they now have a men's collection too😉 https://t.co/vU5doR7gUL

He's had occasional sightings of turtles, and even a pod of dolphins and a dugong once https://t.co/GXXsZfcqXs

Whether it is scrolling through Instagram, or browsing Facebook, we're sure most of you have seen the word “Zenyum” pop up on your screen. https://t.co/ZtwculpHhm

Imagine plunging into the depths of the murky blue ocean, and interacting with marine creatures that are larger than twice the size of your body—such as sharks and manta rays—as part of your daily job scope. https://t.co/AoRefeG3vL

Transitioning from a commercial illustrator to a tattoo artist is not as easy as many may think. Fleecircus shares more about the unseen difficulties that come with being a tattoo artist To check out more of her... https://t.co/233CjqJ6gH

He was initially known as "Ouch-the clown" https://t.co/WZHDYVb5vL

For many of us, this is the sum of money that stays out of reach and out of sight (but not quite out of mind) until we reach our retirement age https://t.co/z0ex3NP62q

The most challenging part of his transition is not something many would expect https://t.co/MqW5MSgwyA

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