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No1 author; Brit award singer; actress, Tv award winner; presenter & qualified fitness expert! Mum & a bit loud 😂 management: ali@aliparry.com

Joined on March 08, 2009

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Just posted a photo @ Centurion Club https://t.co/9jw3PTmR5z

Well then👀🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/X4YEo0iEzv

Well then👀🤷🏾‍♂️ https://t.co/X4YEo0iEzv

OMG @KayBurley @SkyNews u kill me you are soooooo good had to watch through fingers a bit though .. 🥰😍❤️ xxx hope to see you soon.. not at a garden party though 😌

You think Bella is tired ? Lol https://t.co/s0fAxwIU4l

Quoted @bbc5live

“Every woman goes through it” Singer and actress, Michelle Heaton (@wonderwomanshel) tells @TherealNihal why she’s been campaigning for greater awareness on menopause. This month, teaching menopause has been added to the school curriculum in England. 🎧 @BBCSounds https://t.co/lyqZ3togmc

Xx thank you for having me x https://t.co/QdCGQw7xGN

Listen live from 3pm @BBCSounds - https://t.co/XfXoxVg1Dz @bbc5live to join me and other experts talking about menopause and it’s induction of sex education schools x

Only finding our now, ... what a devastating loss .. @officialroycey no matter wether it were a show I was on or a show I was in the audience for .. you never failed to come and say hi, whilst singing “sexy” over the mic 😌 sending love and prayers to your family #RIP x

Join me live on @bbc5live .. shortly after 3pm with @TherealNihal @BBCSounds where I will be discussing the recent news on how #Menopause will be part of sex education now in schools .. such an amazing milestone which effects, not just every woman, but their partners too! X

And they are off!! #schoolsback And breath ... maybe Netflix ? What should I do??? Oh ... hang on, erm, I’ve got - a dog - cleaning - washing ironing - sorting out all the paper work - actual work calls and… https://t.co/veKMleLpNF

When she says “yes mummy they still fit oh my god stop asking me” .... ..... only 3 days ago! ..... then, today .... “Oh my god mummy I told you I hate them and they hurt” ..... ..... a ... day .... before ...…… https://t.co/zjYpYQz332

OMG #squeakee our new dog check him / her out x. https://t.co/gV6VBYNvFd

Check out my #tiktok post with faith too funny ... #Squeakee #CharacterOptions #fyp #foryoupage #Petthatdog #ad loving my Squeakee x x. https://t.co/vuAblxG4up

Check out my #tiktok post with faith too funny ... #Squeakee #CharacterOptions #fyp #foryoupage #Petthatdog #ad loving my Squeakee x x. https://t.co/N1eJA5bd8c

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