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Figured out the name and the artwork for the tape and how ima drop it. Ima call it #BigPimpin and drop half one week and the other half the next 🤘🏽

Quoted @Princess_PurpTG

#TaylorGang name that Thang Clouded Judgment 💨💨💨💨💨@wizkhalifa

You get enough people who want that we might just have to https://t.co/D9EJUOnchV

Quoted @ProtectYaBody

Can’t rush greatness. I’m ready when you are @wizkhalifa #TaylorGang

It’ll drop right when it’s supposed to. Just keep in y’all involved https://t.co/6W9Y6S29KN

Quoted @FlowGod1114

@wizkhalifa did you work with @CHEVYWOODS yet?

His album just dropped make sure you get it. It’s super 🔥 #taylorgang https://t.co/oMqQXRoxFA


@wizkhalifa Mf works out for a few years & don’t kno how to act

You right about dat https://t.co/xkFdJEwce4

Quoted @taylorrrboucher

#taylorgang drop that shizzz!!! @wizkhalifa

It’s on the way soon. Don’t een trip https://t.co/3yNbU5pIjJ

E. Dan
16 hours ago

Quoted @wizkhalifa

I still gotta get @IdlabsMusic to mix em https://t.co/X3LLuWGGpM

Let’s goooo ☄️ https://t.co/H9jFgDbceE

Quoted @Im_chrissummers

@wizkhalifa You won’t drop it today!!!

I still gotta get @IdlabsMusic to mix em https://t.co/X3LLuWGGpM

Man I better see nothing but #taylorgang on my timeline today fuck I’m tryna get some music from @wizkhalifa 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I’m dead ass tho 😑😑😑

Quoted @Jets_onSet

@wizkhalifa MACC SAUCE🔥🔥

I wanted to but out of respect for Mac i decided against it https://t.co/XSVbYWFk2Q

I got 13 songs ready. Just need to name that bitch. Bout to smoke and come up wit one. Be right bacc

mood when the big bro @wizkhalifa says he’s gonna drop new music #taylorgang https://t.co/cossu9aeqt

Quoted @_BigPlayJ

@wizkhalifa Man that album you dropped on 4/20 was 20-25 min of straight 🔥🔥🔥 so I’m here for the new shit #taylorgang

And this ones free https://t.co/J5yHYVCzDO

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