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I like wigs and piss and Emma and wood and motorcycles and anger and metal detecting. Also have gout.

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Wake Up
19 hours ago

It never stops but I didn’t expect this one lmao.

20 hours ago

Pfizer has announced a new 20% more expensive 'pink vaccine' for women.

21 hours ago

The youth in Tunisia's poor districts have had enough. Economic stagnation and the handling of the global health crisis have eaten away at their optimism. Now they are taking to the streets

Woman has burnt the sausages.

Quoted @edwest

'every time I clap my hands a person in Britain gets vaccinated'

Clap faster, you granny-killing bastard.

Quoted @mat_johnson

That student was a sweet, creative man named Shane Patrick Boyle—He died after failing to GoFundMe insulin. So many people didn’t want to believe that, because it didn’t match their politics, that Snopes created a page:

America is a horrible and warped place.

My mate gave me his Epi-pen as he was dying. It seemed very important to him that I have it.

Why is it, regardless of how cold it is, knackers always get sweaty?

the feminism leaving my body when the waiter arrives with the bill

the feminism leaving my body when the waiter arrives with the bill

Sea shanty tiktok is WILD

Quoted @Independent

Dog and goat serving as mayor raise money for a playground

My kind of politics

@ArtIsMyPorn There was a picture of a lady on a luge in the sports section of The Guardian the other day and I feel bad for saying this bc I respect the dedication and athleticism of anyone who can compete at the Olympic level but all I could see was her camel toe. 🙈

I refuse to close my FB account so I've just muted everyone instead. 😁

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