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I’ve reached the highest level of becoming my Grammy: clapping at happy moments and answering for characters/taking back to the TV 📺 Teen me would be mortified. 35 year old me is thrilled....And possibly clapping 👏 👏

Thank you St. Vincent for spending 916 minutes with me this year on @Spotify. You are my #1. #2020Wrapped

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A Black, South Asian WOMAN from Oakland will be in the White House! It’s a historic day. And I’m so proud to be from the Bay Area today. ✊🏾

So freaking proud & filled with optimism. A WOMAN WAS ELECETED VP. The big seat is next 🤗

Prolifically Writing like a BAMF today, but I’m taking a break to listen to @yourewrongabout podcast because I’m morbid and love this kinda stuff.

Tell me something boring about you. Utterly mundane. I’ll start: I don’t like having magnets or anything on the front of my fridge. The sides? Decked out in magnets, notes etc. but the front needs to be plain.

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There's been a lot of conversation in the body positive space about public "health journeys," and the potential harm influencers can do when they aren't careful about their words. There's a lot of "their body, their choice" rhetoric popping up again. So let's talk about it. 🧵

Thank you Sam for doing this work! A really important thread on why it’s important to use our language carefully and responsibly.

One of the things my mom and I planned was for her to teach me how to sew 🧵 when she moved into my building. As a kid, she made clothes for us, matching outfits- insanely cute. After not having a machine for years,…

Clothing for me is so much more than cloth to hide your bits. From a very small age it has been an outlet for self expression, and I can’t imagine my life without dress up. But the real excitement is when your dress…

Goodmorning, arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.

Simple question... why is ending racism in the U.S. a debate?

Who knew in COVID times my new addiction would be DIY on a budget videos? Looks like my already secondhand IKEA furniture bout to be getting some chalk paint slapped on it REAL SOON.

had to wake up early to enjoy the thunder storm #Oakland #sfbayarea

I should add that my #1 polish of the moment is “over and over a Gwen” by OPI. Juicy red, can be a one coat wonder with a good base, and lasts days and dries fast. I’m looking for reds, nudes, etc, also I prefer Creme to glitter, shimmer etc. ok, now GO! (Thanks)

I’ve decided I’ve come too far with my nail health for press ons, and I don’t wanna do gel polish for the same reason, so what are your fave brands for regular nail polish? I like to paint no more than 2 coats and fast drying is a plus, but long lasting is also ideal. GO!

@BaileySarian We are taught events as if they happen linearly instead of being shown a timeline with things overlapping. It also helps to isolate certain events so we dont pick up on how close in time they are to us right now, especially if they are shown through black and white photos.

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🔥When you are confident and believe in yourself, the world is smiling to you and everything gets a boost: your work, personal relationships, family bonds.. 👉 Take this professional quiz to determine what's best for you and get a fully personalized meal & workout plan!🔥💪

Do you want people to develop eating disorders? Because this a good way to trigger one. #canceldietculture

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Quarantine is making me want to try press on nails because I'm THAT bored

This comes up as I’m filling a cart with press on nails....

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