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A community organisation with a network of caring, skilled volunteers providing 24-hour support for people affected by crime or trauma across New Zealand.

New Zealand
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Did you know that the Family Violence Act has replaced the Domestic Violence Act? This Act aims to improve the...

We're delighted with the announcement of a proposed law change to benefit sexual violence victims in court. This victim-centric approach could allow victims...

Today we announced the final payment of donated funds to victims of the Christchurch Mosque attacks. Since 15 March, more than $12 million raised by...

This week we are preparing to announce plans for the last distribution of donated funds to the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks. “We deeply value the time and feedback of the...

"Our primary focus over that time has been to ensure that victims are being referred to us, that emotional and...

Victim Support Appeal Update: Almost $1.7 million paid to Christchurch victims so far. “Every day we are seeing the huge impact the public’s generosity is...

Thank you so much to Marshal and the rest of the AIGA Energy Team of Z Energy who chose Victim Support to be their charity of the month in March! AIGA Energy are doing amazing work in our community and we're very grateful to be part of it all!

"We're providing financial support for a wide range of needs. Initially the major costs were around things like funeral ceremonies. Now, people are looking more to the future and needing a bit of help to...

"Kind-hearted Kiwis have donned their running shoes, their swimming togs and even their Judo suits to show their support for the victims of the Christchurch mosque attacks." ❤️

Did you know that you could become distressed from watching media coverage of the Christchurch attacks? Research shows a link between watching media coverage of traumatic events, such as terrorist attacks, and...

The latest update on our Givealittle fund and where the money is going ❤️ "Things like food, accommodation, travel for relatives and even providing driving lessons for families where their main breadwinner has been killed and mum needs to be able to...

Looking for online tips to cope with the Christchurch tragedy? Check out these links below. The Ministry of Health has useful information on coping with a traumatic event such as the Christchurch shootings...

These All Right? messages are great! Yes - it's all right to talk it out. And it's all right to ask for support ❤ If you have been directly affected by the incidents in Christchurch we encourage you to contact...

"A return to normal routines was helpful, but it needed to be done appropriately, and it was a mistake for businesses to think...

"Everyone involved in the event is performing for free with all ticket sales going directly to the Victim Support Givealittle crowdfunding page set up for the victims and their families." This will be amazing! Thank you ❤️

Victim Support CEO Kevin Tso was on The AM Show this morning! Kevin talked about Victim Support supporting more than 500 people who were directly affected by the tragedy.

A great new helpline. ‘1737, need to talk?’ is New Zealand’s new national mental health & addictions helpline number. 1737 is staffed by a team of paid counsellors who are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. >> What does the service provide? When...

Kevin Tso chief executive of Victim Support spoke to Guyon Espiner on RNZ this morning. A brilliant interview that looked at how donations are being spent after the Christchurch mosque attacks.

We've made our submission to Auckland Transport about lower speed limits. "The old adage that speed kills, is absolutely, and tragically, true. Lowering speeds and working with police to enforce those...

We're seeking a Family Support Worker to join our Homicide Support Service team in Christchurch. This role will provide direct emotional and practical support to families/whanau...

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