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Veta Health extends personalized clinical care and patient support to the digital setting to improve access, adherence, and outcomes.

New York, USA
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A customized #hypertension plan designed around your needs. ☑️ Simple set-up ☑️ Easy & fun to use ☑️ 100% FREE Sign-up for updates & we’ll notify you once the app is ready for download ➡️ #bloodpressure #HBPChat #cholesterol #hearthealth #health

A customized app designed around your hypertension needs. Simple to set-up, easy-to-use, and completely free.

Want to get to know our new #CTO, Johannes Schröder, a little better?😎 Check out our Q&A: we talk about his #digitalhealth background, what he's currently trying to make a #habit, & more. #digitalhealth #healthtech #healthcarestartup

Hey followers, our new hypertension Care Program is coming soon! ✨💙 Whether you’re starting a new journey or managing an existing one, use the Veta Health app to reach your blood pressure goals with doctor-approved…

Problem: Patients aren't given the tools to manage their #chronicconditions on their own. Solution: #RPM activates + empowers patients at home by providing support, timely info & personalized resources that extend care beyond acute settings.

A huge thank you to @Roche for the feature! 😀 Read about our heart failure use cases + what it takes to be successful in the digital health space here ➡️ #RPM #patientengagement #CHFmanagement #digitalhealth #healthtech #healthcare #healthcarestartups

#Digitalhealth improves the patient experience & health outcomes, making healthcare more efficient for all parties involved. Check out more insights from “Telehealth: A quarter-trillion-dollar post-COVID-19 reality?” via @McKinsey

“Just as we are banking from home, patients should be able to manage their health from home.” Dr. Nora Zetsche, co-founder @veta_health. We fully agree. We find answers every day from our smartphones. Why shouldn’t the same be true for #clinicaltrials and #healthcare?

"We empower patients to manage their own health effectively, which is even more important when in-person care is limited" -@veta_health on their personalized at-home #healthcare plans

T-3 hours until we go live for out second session of the COVID-19 Innovation Spotlight Webinar Series with @Accenture! Today's theme is #workflow and the lineup features @Dock_Health and @veta_health. Don't forget to RSVP to receive the webinar link:

TOMORROW- hear from @Dock_Health and @veta_health about how their companies are streamlining workflow so that medical providers can focus on the most important thing: their patients. Webinar starts at 4PM ET:

.@Veta_Health enables effective patient self-management outside of the healthcare facility, providing clinicians with transparency and the digital workflow tools necessary to provide care to their patients in nontraditional settings:

Video visits have seen an exponential increase lately, but telehealth can offer much more than remote visits and drive better patient #selfmanagement 👉 #connectedhealth #healthtech #telemedicine #covidimpact #telehealth #healthcare #digitalhealth

#Telehealth has taken center stage amid #covid19 shelter-in-place orders. In our latest post, we discuss how telehealth can be leveraged at scale beyond video visits. Check it out! #RPM #telemedicine #digitalhealth #healthtech

Our team began embracing a “remote-first” culture about 18 months ago, prior to the new #COVID19 status-quo. While remote-first can mean various things to different folks, co-founder Tanvi Vattikuti Abbhi shares what it means to us at Veta Health ⤵️

On #WorldHealthDay, we thank all nurses & midwives who work tirelessly to ensure we are safe, healthy and cared for. We recognize your vital role in making the world a better place.👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ From all of us: THANK YOU! 😃See what today means to each of us➡️

6 months ago
In which phase of the #DigitalHealth maturity journey is your organization?

In which phase of the #DigitalHealth maturity journey is your organization?

Happy #NationalDoctorsDay to all of the healthcare workers working tirelessly - we have profound admiration & heartfelt gratitude for you today and everyday. Thank you 🙏

Today is the #RDCInnovationChallenge semi-finalist round‼️ HUGE thanks to our @RocheDiabetesUS & @MATTERhealth mentors for facilitating this virtual competition in light of #COVID19. We'll be pitching our #diabetes solution later - stay tuned for updates!😀

The Four Seasons Hotel on 57th Street will provide FREE lodging to doctors, nurses & medical personnel currently working to respond to the #COVID19 pandemic. Thank you @FourSeasons. The first of many hotels we hope will make their rooms available.

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