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Hey you constitution loving republicans;Exactly how crooked and criminal does someone have to be before you stop supporting them?

Just think, this time next week, Joe Biden will be president and trump will be a defendant in waiting....

So trump is going to pardon himself, his children (except Tiffany) Flynn again, khan (from “Wrath of...”) satan, the one armed man, and the, “Boston straggler” although the last one may be a classic trump misspelling

Quoted @JoeBiden

Science will always be at the forefront of my administration — and these world-renowned scientists will ensure everything we do is grounded in science, facts, and the truth.

Science! A president of faith who understands the importance of science, instead of an idiot who rejects science and spews false faith...5 days to Biden and sanity

Quoted @EricBoehlert

my latest—there is no GOP “reckoning” re: Trump;

More like, Mitch fiddles while America burns

Trump is such a horrible president that he can brag that he was only impeached twice

Vanky called them “patriots”
What do you call them?

Vanky called them “patriots” What do you call them?

What would Donnie be tweeting now???

197 republicans who should be hounded from office...

Trump didn’t get a 2nd term, but he does get a 2nd impeachment

It’s fascinating to hear the 100 plus traitors who were willing to overturn a democratic election talk about the constitution and unity...they’re traitors to that constitution and to their oath of office

Wow republicans are really upset! At Madonna, Kathy Griffin and Portland...SMFH

Republicans decrying the “Hypocrisy of the left” are making utter fools of themselves

Republicans decrying the “Hypocrisy of the left” are making utter fools of themselves

It’s amazing that the same people who were cowering in safe rooms last week are bellowing at the top of their lungs in defense of the person responsible for that near miss

Republicans covering themselves with trump stink before the entire world right now

The GOP is going to show the world that they have no morals or ethics and are a dead husk of a political party

This guy needs to go

Look at how trunp made America, “great”

Look at how trunp made America, “great”

Man! trump’s 2nd term is off to a rocky start...

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