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Do not disparage the victories the week has brought, for not so long ago, they were thought impossible. I consider peace blooming in the Middle East a week worthy of having. ---- What does victory mean to you?

BREAKING: President Trump says he will sign an executive order to promote "patriotic education." It will be called the 1776 commission.

Quoted @realDonaldTrump

...China as a “positive development” for America and the world. If it were up to Joe, bin Laden and Soleimani would still be alive, ISIS would be still on the rampage, and China would now be the dominant power in the world – not America.

Good thing it's not up to him.😎

@TheRealAlice333 They need to audit all of the citations. See if they are given by only a handful of officers. See of those officers are getting kickbacks, extra OT, etc. as an incentive to violate our rights. It'a disgusting what is happening out here.

They won't get away with this in the end. But giving in to pressure by admitting to a crime you did not commit is not helping anyone but them. And they are laughing all the way to the bank. I don't even know what else to say about this. Every one of them belong in prison.⚡⚡⚡

Money. Look:

Where is all that money going? They tell you right here. They are blowing it on stupid shit. Now they're extorting their residents for more money, and at $100 a pop, with a nice criminal charge on their records.

Money. Look: Where is all that money going? They tell you right here. They are blowing it on stupid shit. Now they're extorting their residents for more money, and at $100 a pop, with a nice criminal charge on their records.

guilty to these bogus and illegal charges. You are agreeing, on official court record, that you are a criminal and that you have not only committed a crime, but you are admitting GUILT. This is 100% a trap. You now have a criminal record, and you AGREED to it. And for what?

"Some people are pleading guilty in exchange for a lesser punishment of a $100 fine. That money goes to the state’s general fund, Kagehiro said, not city coffers." People of Hawai'i...and everywhere else, listen up. Realize what you are agreeing to when you choose to plead

of forward movement. And I pointed it out very recently in another thread about Zillow. I cannot stress this enough, language matters very much with these people. And they speak in mirrors, to fool the mind.

"A July 23 memo titled “DISTRICT 7 MOVING FORWARD” said that effective immediately, the 18 officers in East Honolulu would be expected to meet a “daily performance goal” of two citations per day..." What did I say about the phrase "Move Forward", folks? It is the exact opposite

Quoted @rcurtis808

"Honolulu Police Are Issuing An ‘Unprecedented’ Number Of Pandemic Tickets" "A review of court records yielded numerous citations that seem to have little to do with protecting public health."

This is a blatant violation of Constitutional law. Read the whole article, these people have stepped entirely out of their minds.👇 "Shortly before the beaches and parks closed last month, at least one of HPD’s eight districts implemented a citation quota."

Quoted @Charlie83868315

Wear a mask they say....

Wear a mask they say....

And otherwise reasoning, intelligent people everywhere STILL answer, "Sure thing!" Take. Them. Off. Let some oxygen reach those brain cells.😎

Quoted @thehill

Speaker Pelosi: "We support peaceful demonstrations. We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy. That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness."

Too little, too late.😎

Quoted @starlola2

@realDonaldTrump Mr. President the ppl of Hawaii need your help. We are still locked down suffering catastrophic economical damage. We’re asking you wholeheartedly & with the utmost respect & reverence to step in. Please don’t forget about us. We are ready to vote for U #Hawaii

I know you hear these people, @realDonaldTrump. Hawai'i could use a good, solid injection of hope right now.☀

@starlola2 @realDonaldTrump I believe he will, and likely is already working on it. You guys are entrenched out there, lots of baddies in high concentration. Just don't give up, no matter what. They only kick and scream when their position of power is threatened, and they're definitely doing that.💙

Quoted @AnthonySabatini

No child should EVER be forced to wear a mask

No human being should ever be forced to wear a mask, period. But it becomes downright abusive with regard to children. No different than people who smoke around their kids. They don't get a say in it, because they are at the mercy of adults. They just have to live with it.⚡

Quoted @Qtah17

I'm going to talk to all of you about a secret weapon that the Trump administration has. It's called the '14th amendment'. Written perfectly for times that we are now going through. Follow along! 👇🏼

Recommended reading, especially for those currently being held hostage in their homes by tyrannical public "authorities". They are violating the law of the land, and they will not get away with it. Hold that line, Patriots, and don't let go.👇👇👇🇺🇸

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