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Jane Fonda urges Dems to be 'as tough as Mitch McConnell,' block RBG successor

Nearly 3 Dozen GOP Lawmakers Sign Letter Calling On Netflix To Be Prosecuted

The Ultra Wealthy Are Selling Billions Of Dollars In Stock

Government debt rose at a 59% pace in Q2 amid effort to halt virus

Pelosi Risks Shutdown After Slashing GOP Farm Aid, Child-Nutrition From Bill

Louisville federal buildings boarded up as city braces for decision on whether cops will face charges for Breonna Taylor's death

Nadler proposes Senate expand number of SCOTUS justices if Dems win election

Massive FinCEN Leak Exposes How Biggest Western Banks Finance Drug Cartels, Terrorists & Mobsters

REPORT: AG William Barr Suggested Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition

AG Barr To Officially Designate 3 U.S. Cities As ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions,’ Report Says

Spokesman Says Biden Wants National Gun Registry

Woman To Reporter On Killed Trump Supporter: ‘Tough Luck, Don’t Be A Trump Supporter In Portland’ (VIDEO)

'We don't censor on this show': Harris Faulkner denies banning criticism of George Soros after online backlash

Biden Resurrects False Claim That Helped Cost Him Chance At Presidency In 1988

Protesters In Philadelphia Chase Down And Assault Random Citizens For Being "Nazis" (VIDEO)

WATCH: Klobuchar Struggles to Defend 2016 Position on Filling Supreme Court Vacancy

AZ GOP Sheriff Candidate: I Will ‘Line Up Jail Buses’ to Arrest Rioters

Illinois Democratic governor says if the federal government does not bail out his state, it will face 'nightmare scenario' of a 5% budget cut

At least 13 people have been arrested for West Coast arson crimes. Here are the details.

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