+ horn l=11.7Β°, b=βˆ’18.9Β°, - horn l=11.9Β°, b=βˆ’19.5Β°, ; 19Β° SE of the galactic plane, 24Β° or 25Β° E of the galactic centre: #HacktheUniverse

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#BREAKING North Carolina's first known case of COVID-19 variant reported in Mecklenburg County, officials say https://t.co/Mcdw5idzyv

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley must be investigated for their roles in inciting the armed insurrection on January 6th. James Lankford must recuse from the investigation. https://t.co/i2LaGhHmyy

Really good news for Chiefs fans (and really, all NFL fans). QB Patrick Mahomes has been cleared to play in Sunday's AFC Championship game against the Bills. https://t.co/UnZTyB5jYh

This is Rudy Guiliani, USING THE CAPITOL RIOTS so Jeffrey Clark’s seditious letter to Georgia and other lawmakers could overturn the election. He speaks as Trump’s personal lawyer. Who now doubts Trump abetted the riots? https://t.co/IutjJgDZIL

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