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Ending of “Brady & Brees” documentary in 15 years https://t.co/tUJDEyTRCj

Buccaneers beating Saints. Oh good, it’s the history of Irish monasticism.

Two over-40 quarterbacks trying to maintain greatness in the Chad Henne era.

Jameis Winston is averaging 56 yards per attempt. Drew Brees is averaging 2.4. Makes you think.

Tim Luft
8 days ago

No fussin, no cussin and no back-talkin.

Tim Luft
8 days ago

I pick the @StLouisBlues to win tonight! Watch with me now on NBCSN! #stlblues

Tim Luft
a month ago

Happy Festivus, everyone! Let the airing of grievances begin. #Festivus

Tim Luft
a month ago

Somebody check on @CharlieMarlow_

Tim Luft
a month ago

Another piece of cake. Who’s next? #Mizzou https://t.co/KPcloH9vGO

Pray for Clyde, y’all.

People are making a big thing about the second man to receive the Covid-19 vaccine being called William Shakespeare, but I think it’s much ado about nothing.

All's well that ends well ✍️ William Shakespeare was the second person in the UK to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and was hotly pursued by lots of puns https://t.co/1xWnMLLif8

Good thing we spent the previous 150 years believing that you had to schedule college football games at least 19 years in advance

Vandy has canceled their game against Georgia due to not having enough players. This is going to be a major blow to Sarah Fuller’s Heisman campaign. https://t.co/OmSqkbLmfb

Goldenberg steps down as Parkway Central football coach https://t.co/GtUZm1xu1O

Is just too easy for KC. Guaranteed repeat if you bubble this Chiefs team up.

Quoted @VandyFootball

🛫 to Columbia. 🛬 in Columbia. #RTI | #AnchorDown https://t.co/bLm0Ie4Dov

🛫 to Columbia. 
🛬 in Columbia.

#RTI | #AnchorDown https://t.co/bLm0Ie4Dov

Vanderbilt goalkeeper Sarah Fuller - and possibly tomorrow's kicker - indeed made the trip to Columbia. https://t.co/PiMLjAPswZ

Tim Luft
2 months ago
Great to see college basketball!  ⁦@MizzouHoops⁩ ⁦@SaintLouisMBB⁩ ⁦@KentuckyMBB⁩ ⁦@UNC_Basketball⁩ https://t.co/qVv9UWiLHf

Great to see college basketball! ⁦@MizzouHoops⁩ ⁦@SaintLouisMBB⁩ ⁦@KentuckyMBB⁩ ⁦@UNC_Basketballhttps://t.co/qVv9UWiLHf

Quoted @DuttonChemistry

Oxford vaccine tells virus about how it went to oxford until the virus gets annoyed and leaves the body.

The Harvard vaccine should be 99.99% effective https://t.co/KMKr5BjxqD

Quoted @gmraynor

Dabo Swinney is really upset: "This game was not canceled because of COVID. COVID was just an excuse to cancel the game." Says FSU administration forfeited the game. If FSU wants to play Clemson, they can home to Death Valley, he says. Or they can pay for Clemson's travel.

I guess it’s kind of impressive we made it to Nov. 22 before a football coach accused a school of using a public health crisis to duck a game. https://t.co/JUV1Rs9f0X

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