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Marketing Director @BeautifulTru @ctdpictures, multi-award winning creative strategist, founder @LezBookClub (Instagram). Views my own

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@UCLeHealth @UCL_PCPH @HUH_Research @HUHsportsinjury @YaleMed @yalegsas I went Yale last year on a PhD scholarship which was an amazing experience. We managed to do some work too. Digital rehabilitation for ACL patients. https://t.co/wZri9UYbi4

🥳 Paper from Yale is published! Well done <3 @emmadunphy https://t.co/6EKXLWcPlk

We believe in building a more fair and equitable economic future. Read why @AMBSHolliday joined business leaders in committing to play a role in supporting the growth of a #PurposeFirstEconomy ⤵️ @Lead_on_Purpose
https://t.co/uoQCtvRZVt https://t.co/rhRfSKbWhU

We believe in building a more fair and equitable economic future. Read why @AMBSHolliday joined business leaders in committing to play a role in supporting the growth of a #PurposeFirstEconomy ⤵️ @Lead_on_Purpose https://t.co/uoQCtvRZVt https://t.co/rhRfSKbWhU

I almost never tell this story. In fact, in thirty years, I have told it only once in a private setting. I think, in my mind, I decided that since it all ended well ––that perhaps it was not such a bad day after all. But it was.https://t.co/xGGzvCtIsi

Someone close to me lost a friend of 84 yrs today - ever since they were 3. I've been bessies with one of my friends for 48 yrs. Long friendships can nourish, inspire & stabilise us. The intensity & connection ebbs & flows until you realise you've spent your whole life together

'Bummi complained that people viewed her through what she did (a cleaner) and not what she was (an educated woman).' GIRL, WOMAN, OTHER: different womxn, experiences, cultures, world-views. @BBCRadio4 until June 12th. Next ep: Monday - Winsome & Penelope. https://t.co/JHiKSmN7Z8

TED Talks
4 months ago

In a workplace study, 83 percent of all the gay, lesbian and bisexual employees admitted to changing some aspects of themselves so they would not appear at work "too gay." https://t.co/w4v9wZK4dX

I'm not sharing my story for the sake of spilling tea, though this was cathartic. I'm sharing bc the performative activism I've been seeing all week feels so opportunistic. You can’t amplify melanated voices when you don't care about the people behind them. (Fin)

This project was initially pitched to a big podcasting company but they said it was too 'broccoli'. So we made this by ourselves with a little bit of arts council funding. We were all freelancers on pittance pay. We had no institutional support. #equalityinaudio https://t.co/R54HHlptJA

posting that black square is the same as posting your "thoughts and prayers", giving yourself a lil pat on the back then going back to the bubble of daily life. I feel weird about posting it now. make sure to do something alongside it: giving= time/money/resources. something.

Social media is a vital tool in the fight for equality, and a feed full of black squares does not let us know that you stand in solidarity with us. It is a silence and an erasure that we cannot afford.

Lesbian German MEP warns: ‘hateful’ anti-trans rhetoric of some (not all) trans-critical feminists in UK is spreading to other EU countries. I agree. I get extreme insults & threats because I support #trans people. But most feminists are pro-trans rights https://t.co/f6qYbLFfFM

Quoted @emmadunphy

To limit unwarranted variations in ACL rehab, start by identifying the resources needed for usual care. https://t.co/YkdW72HDND @k8button @UCL_PCPH @UCLeHealth @DrChrisBarton @DrDylanM @leehphysio @HUH_Research @HUHsportsinjury @HUHOrthopaedics

Congrats @emmadunphy! Another paper published! X https://t.co/2UKSbHN3jf

My girl had a complete meltdown when we looked at old family photo albums because she is not in most pictures, it’s not fair that she was not born. Why did I have her last? She cried for 10 minutes. How is quarantine with the kids going?

“In anticipating this new post-crisis world and seizing opportunity in adversity, we need to think consider several shaping forces: new learnings, new attitudes, new habits and new needs.” — BCG Henderson Institute https://t.co/WVJl0gYaqB

Quoted @YoYo_Ma

This music has been with me for 60 years. It's seen me through times of stress, loss, joy, and transition. It's connected me to others all over the world and helped me to understand life in new ways. Bach: Prelude to Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major #songsofcomfort https://t.co/w6P148DmKS

This with morning coffee. 🥰 https://t.co/VaUp32gnzG

🙏🙏🙏 The amazing Homerton University Hospital are setting up their recent ACL ops (like me!) with online physio system developed by @emmadunphy in her PhD so we can keep doing our rehab in isolation and staff can be deployed to help covid fight. So brilliant. 🙏🙏🙏

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