greetings the name is Cerberus i am the guardian of the gates of hades but of course i am the owner of the manor a place i deem as my home for every monster

art not mine don,t own shit
Joined on October 22, 2014

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"i think im safe from getting any more.."

"soo how is everyone this fine night?"

Alright. Since I am getting close to getting 666 followers, I'd figure I do my first event. Should I be a dominatrix or a succubus?


You can pet the dog in Hades https://t.co/Yxu8mRMPXB

"hmm a new era of demons rising??? ooo how curious"

"sooo now that is done i think how is everyone this night?"

#number9 @Monarca_Vvo "what do i think? hmm never have i found some one that is both gracefully elegant but deadly at the same time .. which is quite rare to see"

anyone else?

".. and there is also the urge for tails.. why?! can i stop having these random moments?!"

"with both a lap to rest on and belly rubs"

"..odd cuddle urges.."


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