Liberal hypocrisy is a disease.

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It's not covid. It's not an imaginary insurrection. Nobody is showing up to Biden's inauguration because the guy with 81 million "votes" can't draw a crowd.

From COVID to the police shooting riots to that raid on the Capitol building, the real truth that comes out later never matches the initial narrative. So please, politicians and pundits on the Right, stop falling for it every time like idiotic weaklings. It’s killing us.

America doesn't need a $2 trillion Democrat pork giveaway. We need to reopen.

If Trump wasn't a political threat, they wouldn't continue with this laughable impeachment charade.

Everyone on twitter misses Trump, even the losers at CNN.

Is it just me, or did the FBI wait until Trump was impeached before arresting the Antifa scumbags in the capitol riots?

Liberals are just as hateful, joyless, and miserable as they were before the election. Imagine that.

I’m officially an Independent.

Nancy Pelosi is doing far more damage to America than the lunatics in the capitol last week.

It's time for Trump to declassify everything. What are they going to do, impeach him a third time?

If you replaced "insurrection last week" with "BLM riots last year" most of the media rhetoric would be true.

Quoted @SpeakerPelosi

We know that the President of the United States incited this insurrection – this armed rebellion – against our American democracy. He must go.

This is the most shameful moment in the history of the United States Congress. Pelosi keeps digging a new bottom.

The GOP establishment sabotaged the first Trump term. Now they’re trying to prevent a second.

If Liz Cheney is the future of the Republican Party, I won't be voting anytime soon.

There has only been one president in US history who never held government or military office before winning the White House

I'm not a historian, but I'm pretty sure you need more than a few dozen lunatics for an "insurrection" in a country of 328 million.

Nobody takes impeachment seriously anymore. It's all kabuki theater.

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