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We looked inside some of the tweets by @theblaze and here's what we found interesting.

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11 minutes ago

Bill Clinton reportedly had an 'intimate' dinner with Ghislaine Maxwell as recently as 2014, according to report

40 minutes ago

School wastes no time sending fourth grader home after he sneezes in class

Costco reportedly yanks Palmetto Cheese from shelves after founder says Black Lives Matter is a 'terrorist organization'

GOP Sen. Murkowski already backtracks after initially saying she won't support SCOTUS confirmation

Joy Behar concedes Democrats' SCOTUS loss: 'We've lost that battle'

Seattle City Council overrides mayor's veto to defund the police; up to 100 officers to be cut

Will Joe Biden find a way to weasel out of next week's debate?

Officer involved in Breonna Taylor's death sends message to fellow officers slamming protesters, FBI: 'Don't put up with their s**t'

Going live soon to discuss Hunter Biden's latest scandal, Bloomberg’s efforts to swing the election by paying off felons... and more! #GMMC

Trump supporters slap rapper Cardi B and her sister with a lawsuit over beach dispute she posted on social media

Kyle Rittenhouse's legal team releases new video of shooting showing that at least one gunshot was fired before teen ever opened fire

Report: Democrats funding pet projects like free college with taxpayer dollars meant for COVID relief

Kamala Harris agrees with audience member at town hall claiming America was built on "racism, sexism and other evils"

Mike Bloomberg helps pay court fines for 31,100 Florida felons so they can vote

Dads tackle, detain registered sex offender accused of peeping at 15-year-old girl under restroom stall

10 hours ago

Don Lemon wants to 'blow up the entire system,' pack SCOTUS with liberals to abolish Electoral College

10 hours ago

Seattle City Council overrides mayor's veto to defund the police; up to 100 officers to be cut

11 hours ago

Fla. governor Ron DeSantis proposes law that would protect drivers who kill or injure demonstrators if they're fleeing a 'mob'

13 hours ago

Left-wing protester — who's also a convicted felon — arrested after pointing gun at Louisville motorist

13 hours ago

77-year-old veteran attacked for wearing MAGA hat, police say

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