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Thank God for President Trump! Every knee shall now and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord

You cant answer them they won't.allowimbc

Bored out of my skull

Quoted @MSNBC

.@AriMelber: "Mother Teresa, Jackie Robinson, Bill Gates, John Lewis, Maya Angelou, Stephen Hawking. Now, under Donald Trump as of last night, you have added to this list, Rush Limbaugh. Does he belong anywhere near that group?" https://t.co/itFxlWKMGw

You sirs are very racist. Rush Limbaugh was a good choice. We the people understand him when he speaks. This time we speaking. https://t.co/mX0BF5fsTg

Mitt Rommney yellow streak down the middle of his backside. No nobility no honor. Sell his own mother for a piece of change.

Adam Schiff low down scumbag pedophile Democrat. FAILURE I love it!

Quoted @MarkMeadows

Democrats reference Gordon Sondland EVERYWHERE in their case. Spread this clip far and wide: “No one on this planet told you POTUS was tying aid/political investigations?” Sondland: “Yes” “So you have no evidence” Sondland: “Other than my presumption” https://t.co/rdqmJ9eka9

Lying like the release bags they are! https://t.co/bJxj4JaZYE

Quoted @MarkMeadows

Incredible—the President’s legal team just played this video on the Senate floor. The entire Senate just saw the Democrats’ central witness admit he had absolutely no evidence for the impeachment allegations. That should be game OVER. https://t.co/C8NjcbHotQ

Lying bastard admits lying in this clip. https://t.co/mdUbbGLwXm

President Trump is so anti corruption. He does not even receive the salary the President is entitled to. Ludicrous are the evil American haters.who.try to end the Presidency of the Most honest transparent President in my lifetime. The people elected him.

The Washington Post

Democrats: Pride goes before a fall

Everyone that supports Our President Vote There are millions of Trump, supporter's who didn't vote in the 2016 election.We need them to vote in this election. Our Country is being destroyed by the Godless baby killers.

The only way evil can suc eed is for good men to do nothing.

There is no way this President compares to Nixon. It is ludicrous. MM and the Democrats.are doing a treasonous Witch Hunt. They hate America.

There is no way this President compares to Nixon. It is ludicrous. MM and the Democrats.are doing a treasonous Witch Hunt. They hate America.

I think I understand how the MM do their polls.They start with all their own people. All lefty lunatics. Then they include the people who have voted Democrat for 20years. So what if they are dead? Also they are from California or New York. + I A

Nancy Pelosi had nine abortions How is that even possible?

Two things about Trump make him remarkable: 1) He has incredible intuition. He sees the pattern in the chaos. He understands his enemies' weaknesses. He knows where and how hard to push. 2) He TRUSTS his intuition and doesn't hesitate to act upon it.

The Democrats can't stand it that the Republicans have an Outstanding Successful President. He will win the 2020 election and the Dimwits are desperate. They are lying but can't find an impeachable offence The American people aren't stupid

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