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Barcelona, Spain
Joined on January 29, 2013

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"Are you using the same password for all your login needs?" 5 Steps to making passwords strong and memorable

#PasswordStrength #taratamiko https://t.co/9lxsx5Ga8C

"Are you using the same password for all your login needs?" 5 Steps to making passwords strong and memorable https://t.co/TV6WduMkZ5 #PasswordStrength #taratamiko https://t.co/9lxsx5Ga8C

Statistics tell us that when companies engage with their customers on #socialmedia, those customers spend between 20% - 40% more money with the company. @aicilagroup explains why it's important to partner with a socially engaged #agency? https://t.co/9LMukMSuUe #SMM

Not sure how to evaluate #influencers for your upcoming #marketingcampaigns? Here is a quick guide on influencer evaluations to help you with the entire process. https://t.co/RbHwqRXhlG via @_fourstarzz_

When an #agency writes copy for their #ReviewManagement services page, they assume clients are searching for breakdowns of a service offering. That's only part of it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #marketingtips via @gradeus https://t.co/rKmuL2kYIP

How Isaac Irvine got 70 million views on his Facebook video - includes a step-by-step guide! https://t.co/vbppLqfsPR by @BlitzMetrics #contentmarketingtips

Want to smash your business goals this year? You'll need a great plan. Here's how to design a business plan you’ll actually use! @kat_soper #businessgoals #businessplan #goal https://t.co/nMkBXLOYam

Instagram Pods: What Joining One Could Do For Your Brand via @influencermh https://t.co/Uw7Xt2p9Zz #instagrampods

What should a great client expect from a great agency? Find out below. https://t.co/JEQVntzZsi By @wearearticulate and @mstibbe #marketingagency

What a CMO is, and Why You Should #Outsource Yours, via @TheGlenmont With an outsourced CMO, you can gain the professional solution you need for a lower cost. https://t.co/PjJVLOneMy #marketing

Here are the marketing automation stats, facts, and trends you need to know 👉 https://t.co/5XRnCzvrPg #MarketingAutomation #MarketingStats

Implementing these #contentmarketing tactics will help to boost your #audienceengagement and amplify your content reach. https://t.co/AajirlUVFA via @ademolaabimbola for @mauconline

Working with Legal and Compliance: Tips for Content Marketers From @BrockStechman via @DivvyHQ https://t.co/C37hY1tp94 #ContentMarketing #Marketing #Collaboration

The organic reach on TikTok is unprecedented! Are you ready to get to grips with using #TikTok in your marketing? Find out more below via @avadelagency https://t.co/ZFrHRHQCRA #digitalmarketingtips

Want to write better sales copy? Here's exactly how to write copy for your product pages that'll have people hitting the purchase button faster than ever. https://t.co/YUQ5HXGrK3 by @lucasleetyson via @Sellfy HT @startupplie #copywritingtips #contentmarketinginsight

An interactive content strategy that attracts, engages and converts 💸 via @involvemeapp https://t.co/xaPMn9iUNR #interactivecontent #digitalmarketing #nocode

How To Track #Instagram Follower Growth [+FREE TOOL] via @influencermh - https://t.co/WBUBIWTB69

In today's crowded marketplace, #contentmarketing quality isn't a perk - it's a must. Use these strategies to stand out by upgrading your content quality. https://t.co/QhKiGWjP4c @IAmAaronAgius

What are the pros and cons of custom #software #development? ​​​ Read More on @clutch_co! https://t.co/7PEFULj6R0

Top #Content #Curation Tools: The ultimate list for marketers, educators, influencers & bloggers. https://t.co/ubUYMGAKeG via @elink_io

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