wdw better stop playing with us before we bring in #whydontweisoverparty

@77VRSE uhm they literally got cancelled.... #whydontweisoverparty

wait what did they do? i haven’t heard from them in forever haha #whydontweisoverparty

why are they getting cancelled lmao #whydontweisoverparty

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a month ago

they look like they belong in a tiktok house #whydontweisoverparty https://t.co/KTHdD8IOgc

i don’t even know why they’re being cancelled #whydontweisoverparty https://t.co/5P2UtJlEqt

a month ago

i don’t know what’s going on #whydontweisoverparty https://t.co/CdGTFH1zGi

#whydontweisoverparty maybe if they could do this instead of their stiff and stale dancing https://t.co/0ek0AJdrY2

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