#ufc240 https://t.co/ncW7ltyb7n

UFCデビュー戦の時の全選手サイン入りポスター! 選手は2、3枚貰えるけどなくしてしまったから5万円で購入! さあ俺のサインはどれでしょう!笑 #ufc240 https://t.co/ncW7ltyb7n

Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex Now is your chance to rise above the rest. Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design. Gear up with a machine as savage as you are. Stylish outside. Savage inside.

@ix_hosam_xi يسوونها دايم خصوصًا انهم ملزومين بعد معين من عروض الـPPV, تقريبًا 13 عرض مدفوع في السنة... السنة اللي راحت كان فيه عرضين بشهر جولاي #UFC239 #UFC240 واللي قبلها عرضين في شهر ديسمبر #UFC232 #UFC231

I just witnessed my favorite knockout of all time, period. #ufc240 @Cody_Nolove @ufc

Let’s go @Cody_Nolove You got this kid!! #UFC240

Chase Hooper's head tonight #UFC240 https://t.co/sJ92xDqiTH

Some home run swing from Heinisch the punches and kicks ... they all landed wow #ufc240

DC’s banter is top notch #UFC240

This win for Stamann has got to feel so good and so horrible at the same time #UFC240

Arriba y abajo! Buenos intercambios! #UFC240 https://t.co/IxwiIotrBy

By the way it’s @Broliva that’s going to be live tweeting #UFC240

#ufc240 Mission (quasi) impossible ce soir pour Felicia Spencer qui tentera de vaincre la double Championne Amanda Nunes et ainsi devenir la première canadienne de l'histoire à mettre la main sur la ceinture UFC et,… https://t.co/WLhbIiPppU

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【UFC240】計量終了 体重オーバーなし。拳タッチ、肘タッチ? コロナ時代のフェイスオフ https://t.co/Agrg5Q5QnP

ぼくの事をぶっ飛ばしたヤツ3人出場!!引退したので穏やかな気持ちでみれますね笑バンタム級3試合注目です!! #ufc240 https://t.co/NUpkFBERPw

4 months ago

Round three: if this was an undercard fight it’d be 29-28 Jones. No doubt in my mind. He hasn’t been hurt at all. Big swings with no hits #ufc247 sorry I was saying #ufc240 #jonesvsreyes

4 months ago

Round two: Jones, stalking the entire time, didn’t take the big hits, landed when he needed. You want to be the champ? You need to beat the champ #ufc240 #jonesvsreyes

4 months ago

Couldn’t sleep so I’m going to live tweet JonesvsReyes. Even though it’s from 10 fight cards ago. Round 1 Reyes: based off kff one quick knock down. That’s a generous round for me #ufc240 #ufc250 #jonesvsreyes

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"I think what Conor needs to do is sit back, let a lot of these fights start rolling... and see what plays out for him." Even though @TheNotoriousMMA's name is on everyone's lips, @danawhite believes he should survey the landscape for now. (via @bokamotoESPN) https://t.co/AM08e43oyr

@bokamotoESPN Conor is the one calling out every one! MMA media sucks... #ufc240 everyone should not react to Conor! #mma 💤💤💤💤💤💤 https://t.co/JVbfDe8m4i

#UFC240 @ufc After the Hostilities: UFC 249 HERE: https://t.co/scY80OqkKI Enjoy The Hostilities My Friends. via @YouTube

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4 months ago

Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje - Highlights HD | UFC249 https://t.co/3SoNPUo7cI via @YouTube #UFC240 #UFC

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