Every team, regardless of the sports code, has an identity...its when you abandon your identity for something else that things fall apart. This is why i respect the @BlueBullsRugby so much. #ThroughThickAndThin

@SoapTweetsGH @Adelheide1121 😂😂😊😊 #trueblue #throughthickandthin #loyal #gh here’s the other gif I was thinking about 😉 https://t.co/1rl5h0c0IB

2 days ago

@_nanique ok lang yan lods kakayanin nyo yan #ThroughThickAndThin

It was good to see @_Benjthomson_ and @_andreassonny back in the game today. To all @theterras lads, coaches & staff... don't be too disheartened. Put the game behind you, work hard and the Terras will come good. #TerrasFamily stick behind the team. @wfc1890 #throughthickandthin

@fullback03 No fucker forces anyone to watch their team ,it’s everyone’s own choice you either want to or don’t #throughthickandthin #yids #coys

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‘Supporters’ who go on ‘loan’ to other clubs really just show how they feel the club they’re meant to support. If you’re not gonna be around for the bad patches then don’t come running back when we’re going through a good patch. #WBA

This can't be a thing, surely 😂 going through the bad is what football in England is all about #throughthickandthin #wba https://t.co/F3rWpIKwwG

we in it together! your issues are my issues! #throughthickandthin

Still keeping my head high for the 1 o’Locks. My late afternoon lock for the flock. #throughthickandthin https://t.co/ZKfiy5GnOs

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Defeat in the first match with three matches to go. You know what that means @BCCI ? We still have a chance. Let's do it. Let's put our best foot forward. Never easy against Australia. Never easy minus Virat and our amazing fast bowlers. But let's try hard. #ThroughThickAndThin

We are 1-1 now. :) #ThroughThickAndThin https://t.co/tyM2oSxtfj

a month ago

@PickardsTours @SheffieldUnited We will have the usual crew back at away days instead of lots of glory hunting strangers 😀 #throughthickandthin #bladeforlife

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