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2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

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@NarrXFilms @thesameore @jwells32 @TheKidfrankie_ But anyways imma get off this thread cause I only answered cause I was bored. I’m not bored anymore. And with that ending sentence I can see you fixing your lips to get disrespectful and I ain’t with it. Thnxs ❤️

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Eres un chico muy hermoso e interesante, siempre me has parecido guapo y una persona que me hubiese gustado conoc… — Go ahead!! I support you ✨btw thnxs ❤️ https://t.co/mMKMVot3ip

Eres realmente hermoso — Ains thnxs ❤️ https://t.co/AH4j4666VA

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@iamblackbear we need an album of unreleased songs thnxs ❤️

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@fanfictina18 @sam_ieatboyss 👍 really enjoyed the chapter.. thnxs ❤️

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