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@jppalmCBS They only wanted Wisconsin when the Badgers were going to be down to their #4 QB along with multiple other absent players. They saw their first glimmer of hope and ran with it.

This tweet #sucks! 3 names should come to mind: Fyfe, Kellogg, and Turman https://t.co/99yMnsbVtK

@Apple Seriously when my iPhone X 256GB is out of date I’m going to #andriod maybe sooner. You cater to the rich I see. Your #greedy company #sucks. I’m watching you

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Acosta has a new "theory" on Trump supporters who boo and heckle him at rallies...they "secretly" feel sorry for him and send him secret "facial expressions" 😂🤣 https://t.co/atSd5qLxg6

@Acosta @CNN #Sucks https://t.co/MWdCq7QaCU

Really love how I look today, what do you feel? #HD #sucks https://t.co/uhpGxHFevb

Really love how I look today, what do you feel? #HD #sucks https://t.co/uhpGxHFevb

@SportsCardInv When you forget there's a live stream cuz you're stuck at wrk: #couldthisyeargetanyworse #sucks https://t.co/OofUVSrgHH

I want to port my number from #airtel to some other company @airtelindia, any suggestions? #Kolkata #internet #sucks #4G

2 hours ago

F*** Facebooks community standards, absolute 🔔 ends. #Facebook #Sucks

Try a lot of things to help myself to keeping me busy and not think about the sh!t that’s happened to me. . . Few hours later . . Phone dies because of low battery☠️ #birthday #sucks

I will never ever say that @calgarytransit drivers are anything but overpayed jerkwads they are NOT courteous or respectful or good drivers they r distinctly RUDE AF contemptable humans i do not respect them & yes im lumping them all together #sucks

Islam can suck my dick. Worst religion on earth, and there are some bad ones. #Nice #france #fuckislam #Mohammad #sucks

@Acosta The ones looking at you silently are wondering what is wrong with you.. Obsessive compulsion is not heathy, Jim. Oh, and wouldn't the ratings prove that they are right? #CNN #SUCKS

8 hours ago

500 na niload ko wala pa din ako nakausap na cs nng union badtrip ! 😠 #Unionbank #Sucks

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