Quoted @SeitanSlut

Plan B doesn’t work if you are over 165lbs. https://t.co/aMORTBIVQl

Weight matters, y’all. Things you should pay attention. #StopTheHate https://t.co/hqgV1v2l7L

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Popeye Doyle
11 minutes ago

White Supremacist @lflorshaw is popping off again. #StopTheHate

EZ Duzit
an hour ago

@gloomysmitty @KingJames the man is 35 looking the same as he has for years, give that man some respect #Stopthehate

@dannyryan316 @MaxRose4NY It’s obvious you don’t appreciate our military and the honor bestowed upon them to fly over NYC in honor of the 9/11 fallen. #stopthehate

@ProjectLincoln You are nothing but lies and fools. #StopTheHate

Quoted @rosskingmusic

I (a lifelong Republican, ordained baptist minister, homeshool dad and Christian musician) just got called a "radical leftist" and had my salvation questioned because I said I'm not voting for Trump... in case anyone wonders where we are

What would Jesus do? Remember the WWJD bracelets? We, as Christians, must look to Jesus' examples of how to treat others regardless of their political beliefs...the world is watching. #RBG #StopTheHate https://t.co/n6fZf5cn1s

Quoted @karlacjacobs

To my friends on the left: please don’t let the jackassery of a few on the right harden your hearts. We are the steady center; we must keep our wits about us and work together. What would RBG do? She’d put on her dissenting collar and battle them with ideas.

Well said #StopTheHate https://t.co/2wxGqr1rG4

@BreitbartNews You sir are dead wrong. And you sir are whats wrong with America Now. You get what you put out there. BE an American ! No Labels. #StopTheHate You are not being hunted down !

Quoted @SebGorka

That means you. https://t.co/VEEX6665z9

Such hate from the left #StopTheHate https://t.co/437juElhuq

@AC4Congress2020 Florida has become an embarrassment for numerous reasons. We need to #VoteBlue to #flipFlorida #FloridaMan #BidenHarris2020 #StopTheHate

#StopTheHate!!! 2 dead, 14 wounded in mass shooting in Rochester, New York - ABC News - https://t.co/CaOrcXKbBs via @ABC

#StopTheHate #JKRowling #justtosellabook #LGBTQ use your platform for good. Not hate . I’ve not heard so much nonsense In a long time, as if JK is the pure blood and anyone Transgender is a filthy muggle, would have thought she would know better.

@rezaaslan It’s rhetoric like this which empowers Antifa groups to employ violent action. You should be ashamed. Also, think about whether you actually care about the #USA or not. If you endorse burning down America, you should go somewhere else. #StopTheHate #BeBest #KAG

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