I have called and left messages and given then almost a month to follow up and follow through still nothing. I was advised that someone came out to look at the car and that the results take time.But no one has been out except my insurance comaony!#lies #fire #recall #stillwaiting

Anyone still waiting on a @TUIUK refund credit code 8 weeks after their departure date? The App says call us, your on hold music says use the App 🀯 #tui #stillwaiting

@covidswiftkit Congratulations on your International Distribution Deal with India, Singapore & Australia. @US_FDA #StillWaiting

@LeeBoswell11 🀣 Yes The Red Kite is the pub at the first roundabout once you get off the M1 Reception haven't said there's been anything left for me πŸ€” #BountyGate #StillWaiting #NeverGonnaHappen

@sckarr1 Yep, Santa. I've been waiting for my Easy Bake Oven since '72!! I was pretty good that year. I only tripped my brother 8 times that year!! Yeah, Santa knows I'm done with his a*s! It's been 48 years, Damn it!!#StillWaiting https://t.co/YFWTQBBw20

I'm just going to go ahead and say it. I don't think Jesus is coming. #Atheism #Christianity #StillWaiting

6 hours ago

@changelingchil1 @AnnPomeroy2 @MikeKennedy1906 @AStrongerOZ @Adam_Creighton @michaelobrienmp @georgiecrozier I suspect more cooked up stories like don't wear masks and there is no danger from letting in thousands from Wuhan. How many things have we been told by so called "experts" who then completely were found out to be 180 degrees wrong. #stillwaiting

@Airtel_Presence We are still waiting. Constant disconnections ever hour. #nointernet #pune #Wanowrie #poorcustomerservice #lockdown #stillwaiting

Wondering "what are the odds of a person finally getting their BIG break?" #StillWaiting

Quoted @BeckyCarville

@Qantas I have been waiting 15 weeks for a refund and each time I phone, the wait time gets longer! Today I spent one and a half hours trying to get through in phone and I was immediately cut off when I reached someone. Really fed up!

#Qantas #stillnorefund #stillwaiting https://t.co/JRZP0XcF3U

@jemelehill The guns are not the problem, it’s the criminals pulling the trigger. Think about it for just a moment. My firearm has yet to move from its resting place, jump up and fire on anyone. It just hasn’t done that. #stillwaiting

Quoted @PeterStefanovi2

Your daily reminder @BorisJohnson. The public has not forgotten the report into Russian interference in UK politics which you hid away last year. We paid for it, we own it, we want it, so let’s have it, UNREDACTED, now #ReleaseRussiaReportNow https://t.co/Yy7CumM5yO

#StillWaiting https://t.co/DjWxZLXIDU

20 hours ago

@realguyritchie the real rocknrolla, what’s happening? #therealrocknrolla #rocknrolla2 #stillwaiting

@realDonaldTrump @BubbaWallace Has Trump apologize to the Central Park5 boys (men) yet. #stillwaiting

21 hours ago

@ameliagentleman This is what happened to me @ukhomeoffice would not accept or believe I was born in Wembley. Last week after 10 years they admitted there mistake ... I await my letter of apology from @ukhomeoffice & @pritipatel #stillwaiting #Windrushscandal #Windrushaction #SittingInLimbo

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