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"🤔What do we want? 📢Freedom for #HongKong! 🤔When do we want it? 📢NOW!" This morning, we stood in front of the #Chinese Embassy in #Brussels to state loud & clear that the international community needs to #StandWithHongKong. Join #FridaysForFreedom: https://t.co/KsKtLs9oFI https://t.co/anmS7e0tIr

Thanks to all #freedom lovers from all around the world ~ 😊 #StandWithHongKong #FightForFreedom https://t.co/gY4QverzfK

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High turnout for the primaries held by Hong Kong’s pro-democracy camp over the weekend reflects steadfast support for the movement despite Beijing’s imposition of a national-security law https://t.co/Ua1YRQKPrS

#HongKongers are amazing! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 #StandWithHongKong Pray for #HongKong https://t.co/nTuLyKdShu

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https://t.co/Uk9vDTrEwL thank you for the interview @EWTN

Thank you @RaymondArroyo & @CardJosephZen for covering #Hongkongprotests, & cover-ups committed by @Pontifex/#vatican. As a Catholic, I pray we stand against injustice committed by both the #vatican & #CCP. The world must unite & support the fight for a free HK #StandWithHongKong https://t.co/XkrZeswHe7

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Once again, #HongKongers have made their voice heard and their message clear. Now the world must act to ensure their will is respected and upheld. BBC News - Hong Kong: Opposition primaries draw thousands despite security law fears https://t.co/hoKoaM0kdw

#HongKongers are not afraid of #NationalSecurityLaw or other political suppression by the totalitarian regime. #StandWithHongKong https://t.co/vuhaA6d2Zo

#CCP puppet #CarrieLam claims that education has been politicized and this needs to be stopped. Apparently hating #China; their lies and the liars who tell them is akin to "politicization". #StandWithHongKong

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An overhaul of Hong Kong's education system is under way. Protest slogans are banned, while teachers are advised to call the police if anyone insults the national anthem. “Will our kids be able to think critically when they grow up?” one teacher says. https://t.co/c0n5OdoZct

#CulturalRevolution 2.0 happening in #HongKong's #education right now. #StandWithHongKong https://t.co/W88S2SLNeI

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Under #CCPChina occupation & intimidation, 581,969 Hong Kong freedom fighters voted 2 choose their favorite candidates 2 represent them in Sept. It's not only a giant but also historical step 2 a representative form of government. Hong Kong's future belongs 2 courageous 581,969. https://t.co/IqpuwTOmmo

Brave Hong Kongers #StandWithHongKong https://t.co/CPmQEw1dO4

光復香港🇭🇰時代革命🇭🇰✨✨ #StandWithHongKong #香港人加油 #HongKong 国安法「威嚇」も60万人超が投票 民主派「香港人の勇敢さ示す」 https://t.co/SuUIXYuCkE

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Incredible story by @StandNewsHK on why #HKers vote in #HKprimaries. We vote as we want to speak freely. We vote as we oppose arbitrary arrest & censorship. We vote as we want our kids can live w/o fear. We vote as we want our voices heard by the world. We vote as we still can. https://t.co/MESACIPbLx

誰しも同じです。自然な想いです。 #SOSHK #StandWithHongKong https://t.co/mfEOoaqkUt

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@studioincendo Hongkongers never give up! #FightForFreedom and protect our homeland! #StandWithHongKong

33 minutes ago

@studioincendo Thanks for telling the truth to the world! Hongkongers #FightForFreedom. Hong Kong needs your help! #SOSHK #StandWithHongKong

@60Mins @LiamBartlett9 The interview Regina Ip done with foreign press would put her under risk of breaking #nationalsecuritylaw! Let’s save her! 😎 #hongkong #standwithhongkong #hk #australia @ScottMorrisonMP

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@dwnews It maybe the last chance for us to vote for our future. We love our homeland! We want to protect our homeland! #StandWithHongKong #SOSHK

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Electors coming out to vote may not necessarily want to participate in the primary election. But under the #NSL pressure, it's a protest. The number is more important than the result. It reflects how many #HKers resist, in an elegant way. Please #StandWithHongKong.

Patcla HK
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@appledaily_hk @Fight4HongKong So touching! ❤💪🤜🤛👍🙏🌈 #StandWithHongKong

Patcla HK
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@rthk_enews @Fight4HongKong Proud to be one of the 610,000 Hongkongers who never give up. #StandWithHongKong

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