#BREAKING: Ireland has adopted Victoria's lockdown strategy - 5 Km travel limit - Retail businesses closed - Strict limits on weddings and funerals #InfluentialDan #springst #auspol https://t.co/53EmhcVUGq

2020 is confusing, but meeting your financial goals can be a little easier thanks to @BankofAmerica #BetterMoneyHabits. Check out this video for financial guidance in this new normal.

@paul4frankston sitting under The #TreeOfKnowledge, & I ask myself, 'what might These Shearers've made of Their Bosses telling them to #learn #to #live #with #Covid19 as if being told to eat cake' @paul4frankston, @sallymcmanus & @SwannyQLD? #Auspol #SpringSt https://t.co/K8Egnz1j7c https://t.co/jvxty6MKJG

@petercarruther1 Actually pressure is on newscorp journalists to support the liberal party on behalf of Rupert Murdoch who during the corona virus was hiding in his mansion while his journos we’re downplaying the virus #auspol #qldpol #springst #nswpol

Politicians at a Federal level and in NSW cannot hire their relatives. Why are the rules in Victoria different? When politicians hire their kids, it undermines the public's faith in Parliament. #auspol #springst https://t.co/I7gNcOkjRo

@paul4frankston myself, as '#LetThemEatCake' was to 1789, #learn #to #live #with #Covid19' is to 2020, & so I think back, I think back to the founding of our Great @AustralianLabor Party @paul4frankston, @sallymcmanus & @SwannyQLD, I imagine myself #Auspol #SpringSt https://t.co/FgYdOUTvV2

@3AW693 @3AWNeilMitchell Roxburgh Park? A-ha. #springst

@theheraldsun Once again the same community caught doing the wrong thing, but it will be those who continue to do the right thing who will be punished by #DictatorDan. #springst

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Magda Szubanski and Nyadol Nyuon were targeted in a coordinated right-wing attack online according to eSafety commissioner. "They create an avalanche of hate directed towards specific targets, usually women." https://t.co/lIS8Ik2Sd3 #Auspol #SpringSt #RWNJ #Incels

I need your help! Next week I will push to establish an Inquiry into Planning and Heritage in the Victorian Parliament. Please, if you have a moment to spare, use the form below to tell MPs why our current heritage protections are inadequate! #springst https://t.co/XOJCEhG5xK

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ABC grilled over ‘smug’ PM tweet ABC’s award-winning chief political correspondent Laura Tingle has been criticised at Senate estimates for referring to Prime Minister as “smug” tweet deleted not before it attracted around 3000 Twitter “likes” https://t.co/whebxRmljd @WgarNews

So an ABC journo receives backlash for calling the worst PM ever ‘smug’, but other journos and MPs can go on bullying, calling Dan a ‘dictator’ and undermining the public health messages & it’s okay...? FFS 🤦🏼‍♀️ #Auspol #Covid19Vic #ThisIsNotJournalism #ScottyTheBully #SpringSt https://t.co/hzbaSF9UXW

@paul4frankston Righty-O @paul4frankston, @sallymcmanus, @SwannyQLD & @ALeighMP, where was I? Oh yes, I believe I have established a case that in rejecting this '#learn #to #live #with #Covid19' psychopathy, @DanielAndrewsMP, @AnnastaciaMP & @MarkMcGowanMP are absolutely #Auspol #SpringSt

@GregHuntMP Federal regulators have only visited 13% of aged care homes that have had an outbreak. Focus on that federal health failure that has so far cost over 650 lives. #notaleaderjustaliberal #auspol #springst

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Don't be alarmed by today's news of a #COVID19Vic cluster in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. These will continue to occur. Our public health capability appears to be focused, & with an educated, motivated community, we can keep control. Careful steps. #springst #auspol

#auspol #springst https://t.co/UAL8rQPb9M

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"[The idea of a Federal ICAC] is consistently very popular with the community. Only 8% opposition and more like 80% for it," said @BenOquist on @SkyNewsAust "It's naive to think that corruption only ends at the state border & doesn't infect the Commonwealth." #auspol https://t.co/mnnmX3Z67B

Federal ICAC. Interesting findings Community poll: >80% for 8% opposed Wonder who are the 8%? #FederalICAC #Auspol #SpringSt https://t.co/iS1OdxO4fi

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It’s not a question of can Vic make a remarkable amount of money, support a remarkable amount of jobs and reduce a remarkable amount of emissions with green hydrogen energy; it’s will they make the right investments to do so https://t.co/9tUHJIWqX2 #springst

‘You could say that premise is essentially true, in the same way as you might say Nixon and Gandi were both leaders who faced crises, but that’s where any comparisons surely cease.’ #IStandWithDan #GladysMustGo #springst #nswpol https://t.co/UrvGa5RfP5

Great critique! #Melbourne #Victoria #lockdown #springst #auspol Dave Milner: The people who helped and hindered during the Victorian crisis | The New Daily https://t.co/QdBRUrJqey

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