A few years ago, I lied & told my parents that @Oprah was coming to our house. I was probably like 16 or something. #sorryOprah #comeover #lol #ireallybelieveditwhenisaidit

Are you ready for the biggest data competition of the year? Get your snacks ready and kick your feet upโ€” #IronViz is coming to you! Don't miss a second of Tableau Conference. Register Now: https://t.co/rxs2JeMsX8 #data20 https://t.co/tdCNP5Ty9R

Itโ€™s weird when we can pull weird ass vibes from a prominent respected person in the industry that everyone seems to love and I get it nothing not to love... why I get strange vibes not sure ๐Ÿ˜… #sorryoprah #ineverusuallygetweirdvibes

I had such high hopes for today when I started it at 6AM. ๐Ÿ˜ช To feel better about it turning out the exact opposite of how I intended, Iโ€™m gonna eat a bunch of carbs and cheese, drink wine, and read. ๐Ÿฅ–๐Ÿง€ ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ“– #SorryOprah

a year ago

I am not living my best life. #sorryoprah

2 years ago

It may be time to unsubscribe if one has 157 episodes downloaded and not opened. #ConfessionsOfAPodcastAddict #SorryOprah

@HalpernAlex This thread is better than binge watching Greenleaf on Netflix. #SorryOprah

I wonder how many celebrity endorsed candidates won last night. It appears to be a very small number. Hollywood is so out of touch with reality. A celebrity endorsement was the kiss of death. #sorryoprah #sorrybeyonce #sorrytaylor #thelistkeepsgoing

@DaveWasinger Hmmm... While I will NEVER defend (or probably ever agree) with Laura Ingraham, I do look forward to following the school's assessment data. That's a lot of growth in a short time and I'm wary of celebrities birthing schools. #sorryoprah

Quoted @ScarletAvengers

Watching the press conference right now &I can safely say I never knew how much I could actually hate someone, another human, &with such ferocious intensity. He is *everything* our species should have rooted out &killed off in the natural selection process https://t.co/9GcVoHWa9V

Same. I canโ€™t believe some of the things I think. I scare myself. Itโ€™s a whole new vision board. #sorryOprah https://t.co/T1im2zzTMm

John 14:6 He said it #jesus #oneway #sorryoprah

Student: "Ms. S, do you like Oprah? Another student: "Do you mean opera?" Oh, I love these kids. #sorryOprah #theyhadtogoogleit

We've bumped A Wrinkle In Time off the schedule in favour of walking to @cineworld in the sunshine. #SorryOprah https://t.co/RQlIV2EFyx

I have to be honest. @Oprah is not the selling point for me when it comes to #AWrinkleInTimemovie. Iโ€™m in it for @ava and my girl @mindykaling first. #sorryOprah #Nothingpersonal

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