@kathrynresister Talks & talks & talks about fake news, fake Dems, and how his team has done the “best job in the history of forever!!” #smh

3 minutes ago

@FDSportsbook @TheDuelSports Funny how deposits work fine but trying to throw down on a game is impossible right now #smh

5 minutes ago

What? So previous referees had zero problem with her wearing a #hijab but this one did. #SMH 😡 https://t.co/zJMjFzjwAL

Big up #DannyMaestro endorsing #SMH 🎶🎶 #SOCIALMEDIAHYPE from #TashaT 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you for the support! Don't forget to send your video clips supporting #smh so we can spread the love! Bless Up! #mondaymotivation @TASHATMUSIC1 https://t.co/xw0i3Gzjww

🌐 : use dat aluminum foil plan for your head 🧠🤣😂 #smh #votered

Your town needs a hero! Help Tilia to defend her homeland! ⚔ ✅ Add to your wishlist https://t.co/b4DP16D1vI https://t.co/W5Bnxq81EN

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$750 can’t even buy you a MacBook these days #smh #NYTimes @nytimes

Quoted @AntibioticDoc

So herd immunity debate continues to rage and occasionally I am asked my opinion. To start out, we can frame the discussion a bit. 1) "herd immunity" from natural SARS-CoV-2 epidemic is certainly not ASSURED. Depends on type and duration of immunity - evolving knowledge.

Great thread! Of course, all this "herd immunity" nonsense is what my in-laws were arguing with me vehemently this weekend. #smh https://t.co/rV4ZQoYoxv

Mutant XP
11 minutes ago
All I see when I watch the news. #smh #NGFL https://t.co/4ff4NdXy13

All I see when I watch the news. #smh #NGFL https://t.co/4ff4NdXy13

why do people post their pic and a song on their #instastory like its their memorial or something #smh #cringe

@writermother2 @john54670365 @robreiner Riiight! I know nothing because I only have 42 followers. LMAO. You have nothing, so you're first jab is to point out my follower count. Typical and expected. #smh

I always try giving the benefit of the doubt because of my OWN #insecurities but my instincts are ALWAYS right. I always think my anxiety fucks w/my strongholds but...no. some people are just THAT dickish. #smh

Richard Webster
28 minutes ago

@Arsenal @Sportsbetio I wonder how many times Aouar and Partey get mentioned in the replies.... #smh

@wrychrd @OroweatCanada That's it - shit on them Mr. Perfect. What a contrarian jerk. #SMH

@FOX5Vegas @realDonaldTrump So he paid taxes; I get a refund each year. Perhaps I should help him get a return so he doesn’t pay taxes. #smh

i had a scary dream last night where these men were holding @kaylarsebastian @gabbyaiosa and me hostage at gun point and those two just wanted to sit and play bitlife they didn’t even care #smh

37 minutes ago

@HKrassenstein And, WHO ARE YOU?!! Mrs. who? We can't wait to hear what you have to say on the matter!! #SMH

43 minutes ago

La gente flexeando sus widgets del IOS 14... cuando esa vaina tu podias hacerlo desde el IOS 5 Jailbreakeao. Yo te digo a ti, que a la gente le gusta todo en bandeja de oro #Smh

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