@LBC @TomSwarbrick1 To be fair, all numbers are a bit scary. Especially when you’ve spent half of this year #shielding to have all help withdrawn, because it’s not necessary to shield any more. The numbers are far worse than when shielding is paused. Wish they’d restart it. #ShieldingSavesLives

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@InclusionLondon What you mean guidance to those who are ‘shielding by choice’? There is no guidance to shield at the moment therefore needs to be no communication. As someone #Shielding because my medical specialist has said to do so I wish we woukd get consistent messaging. #ShieldingSavesLives

@Bluestockingmum @PaulStenton1 @drmarkporter Looks like #Shielding are number 6 on this list (as it stands)

@Emmajourno @J_bagpuss
@pkonline84 #JCVI @ajpollard1 @JuliaHCox https://t.co/AtycpdOwuG

Who gets the #Covid19 vaccine first? It appears many of us #Shielding are around number 6 on the priority list as it stands, and presumably any carers of #ClinicallyExtremelyVulnerable number 11? 🙄 🤷‍♀️#ForgottenShielders https://t.co/c9z0RCGssu

@cooldog320 @BBCNews @BBCBreakfast @SkyNewsBreak @SkyNews @Channel4News We need to be heard. Living on fear ....broken promises by the govt ....zero support... zero protection... losing our jobs .... mental health suffering Yet the government make no comment on reinstating #shielding #ShieldingSavesLives

3 hours ago

@IanByrneMP @billyliar9 And #shielding people left to the mercy of the disease

Retweeting this.... things are not improving for the extremely clinically vulnerable Thrown under the bus ..... ZERO protection ZERO support #shielding must be reinstated with full support in place #ShieldingSavesLives https://t.co/fbvf4162eW

Mrs E
3 hours ago

Fuck this shit; I'm going back to shielding... Wake me up when it's over... #shielding #depression #GTTO #cancer https://t.co/CsKO6rddXW

Dear #University #Students, #Lockdown and #Selfisolating is what the elderly & medically vunerable have done since March. It was called #shielding and it #saveslives. Stop moaning and play your part.

On bbc news about cases rising sharply in #Leicester and how the most vulnerable should be protected. However #shielding in leicester is still pausing on 5/10. WHY? This is ludicrous. We need answers now @10DowningStreet @BBCLeicester @JonAshworth #ShieldingSavesLives

@JonAshworth Putting people first means putting all people first. The extremely clinically vulnerable have been thrown under the bus by the Govt and there will be many fatalities if #shielding is not reinstated. Please bring questions to the PM and get us some answers #ShieldingSavesLives

@akaMrsO @JonAshworth I wonder if you’ll get a reply! The #shielding aren’t in this season so don’t bank on it. #ShieldingSavesLives

First day of shielding over and done with, and I haven’t swore once. And haven’t touched the Jack lol 😂 #shielding #boredalready https://t.co/tJyro3K056

First day of shielding over and done with, and I haven’t swore once. And haven’t touched the Jack lol 😂 #shielding #boredalready https://t.co/tJyro3K056

@kellyhayhoe If your respiratory system is bad enough to exempt you from masks then you should not be out. Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic Asthma and lung disease wont stop me wearing a full FFP3 mask just to step outside we are #shielding

@AlexisHmusician @sarahcooper28 @KerryBe42470849 @kellyhayhoe 100% on board with you. I think they think the 'extremely critically vulnerable' are retired or at home on benefits. NO NO NO ... we care for your kids, teach your kids and look after your medical needs. We should not be treated this way. No Pay No Caring society for #shielding

Quoted @TeacherCovid

@INTO_NI Now we have teaching staff with the virus. It’s spreading through schools - especially secondary. It’s time Unions took a stance - a Workplace should be safe and schools are not safe at minute - must wear a mask in a shop/ hospital/ indoor setting - but not in a school. Disgrace

And how many of staff and pupils were on the #Shielding list? #SchoolsInCrisis #ReinstateShielding #ShieldingSavesLives https://t.co/3Y2fdFVTtM

A Pandemic and its Scourge. I am grieved at the ableism and ageism being revealed by #Covid19 and call for more compassion in our interactions with one another. #coronavirus #shielding https://t.co/lL6R59rrP7 via @LizCarterWriter

@sarahcooper28 @KerryBe42470849 @kellyhayhoe It’s not as simple as just stay at home until it’s over. Many people have lost their jobs because they don’t feel safe working and are now struggling financially. We need #shielding so we can stay at home and not worry about how we’re going to pay our bills

@sarahcooper28 @SuePTaylor @kellyhayhoe And thats the fault of the #shielded how? You really are a knob We don't dictate the policies for #Covid19UK..... we were #shielding because that's the advice we were given to keep us safe Yes we need to stay home and the govt needs to reinstate #shielding #ShieldingSavesLives

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