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20 days ago

Vishing is a form of fraud using scam calls or pre-recorded messages. Learn more about how you can prevent personal information loss. #Cybersecurity

I spent a lot of time on #scrapmechanicsurvival #scrapmechanic looking for some cotton, the journey was hard but I don't it. Now I can do more stuff #YouTube #gaming https://t.co/3Z6S8qRedp

New video 😁 it's been a long time. I've been enjoying Scrap Mechanic lately and thought I'd share my gameplay. This one is a month old I think. #scrapmechanicsurvival #oxelot #YouTube https://t.co/iZk6EQBsKz

Ep 5 and Ep 6 of Scrap Mechanic Survival is up now! Next episode will be building a BIIIIG truck! So Stay Tuned! #scrapmechanicsurvival #scrapmechanic Playlist can be found here https://t.co/173rJh2X91

Finishing up the last part of the automatic doors, building small deck, building small crop plot with auto water system then the main base construction is complete! https://t.co/uSlX27vcIp #ScrapMechanic #ScrapMechanicSurvival #YouTube

❗Wild farmbot appears❗
For some reason I can't tweet the gif animation. Come see it here https://t.co/Xf0qSxrcfZ 🤖
#scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival https://t.co/8T055gyelN

❗Wild farmbot appears❗ For some reason I can't tweet the gif animation. Come see it here https://t.co/Xf0qSxrcfZ 🤖 #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival https://t.co/8T055gyelN

In this part of the new waterfront base construction process we will be working on the storage system & setting up the hidden garage doors. Getting close to finishing the new base! https://t.co/hFwsELaFRz #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #YouTube

Is something reproducing soil after fertilizing/harvesting crops? I had a farm with 25 soil packs and I had to move it. I picked 130 soil up. Some singular placed soil fields gave me up to 22 soil bags back. Is that a bug or a feature? ÓÒ #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival

Time to move out from the Mechanic Shop and start building our own custom beachfront base! In this part of construction we get the foundation set and start on the walls. https://t.co/BjjMbPTCN5 #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #Youtube

Got a new trailer and truck upgrades so we can haul all our crops to the trader and finally get a Spud Gun!! Robots better watch out!! https://t.co/c9DoWrJEoF #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #YouTube

Time to learn how the Packing Plant works. Taking a few crates to the Trader to get some of the special seeds to plant! https://t.co/IEyUK4kh4q #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #YouTube

Making a small, compact, not complicated auto water sprinkler for the crops so we can starting making product for the trader. https://t.co/FAg3zbmoY9 #ScrapMechanic #ScrapMechanicSurvival #YouTube

We are on a mission to gather glass & component kits for an upcoming water system build. End up finding a lake..... a pink lake .... Protip: Don't swim in chemical lakes. https://t.co/xXAPvcMzcm #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #YouTube

Well, we found the trader and turns out he is right near the base. He has so many things to buy including a tater gun!! Looks like we are about to become farmers to get the veggies & fruit to trade. https://t.co/GDAP3J2PBw #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #YouTube

Rebuilt the miner and added another drill bit, suspension, extra wheels, and more! Makes gathering resourced pretty easy now. https://t.co/XFs9fmG50u #ScrapMechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #Survival #YouTube

4 months ago

#scrapmechanicsurvival isn’t enjoyable for more than one player still. Massive frame losses on one side affecting all players, still sync probs up to sudden connection loss and game freezes just to name a few issues...

This is a tool that should have been built so much sooner! Finally made a mining drill so we can farm the large rocks for easier metal. Pro tip, turn off engines before disconnecting a seat.... https://t.co/0kqHk1hQDQ #scrapmechanic #scrapmechanicsurvival #Survival #YouTube

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