One Way's Peter Hyun's @onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio last episode (February 16th 2017 Podcast) https://t.co/uZvWgwOl94

20%: - less lizard doggos - less fps - off the normal price

That's a wrap 4 the #sbspopasiakpopstudio, many thanks @onewaypeter, u have been an incredible host, till next week stay safe n well every1

@onewaypeter thank u for many wonderful memories with #sbspopasiakpopstudio, u have made it super fun and ur an awesome host, thank u Peter

@onewaypeter thank u 4 incredible few years with the #sbspopasiakpopstudio but looking forward 2 what u n @onewayyoungsky have planned 4 us

@onewaypeter finally episode #sbspopasiakpopstudio today ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

#sbspopasiakpopstudio hi everyone @onewaypeter sad to see show go but excited to hear what u have coming for us, thank u so much Peter

One Way's Peter Hyun's @onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio - Have you listened to One Way's 'Broken' yet? https://t.co/vVUcJdEIOL

4 years ago

@onewaypeter @onewayyoungsky #wegotthis #SBSPopAsiaKpopStudio un-Broken #Oneway๐ŸŽต a-chord in๐Ÿจ! ๊ฐ์‚ฌํ•ฉ๋‹ˆ๋‹ค!~๐Ÿ’–ย #์ข‹์•„๐ŸŽตVibes x2!~https://t.co/T4D2yqEcmS

One Way's Peter Hyun's @onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio - Oneway Sky in the studio (February 2nd 2017 Podcast) https://t.co/8zyhC5Z79F

@onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio what did you do during your lunar new year ?? ๐Ÿ™Š

@onewaypeter song request #sbspopasiakpopstudio broken - oneway

One Way's Peter Hyun's @onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio Peter & Sky went to see DongHae (January 26 2017 Podcast) https://t.co/7dHiKNbmne

One Way's Peter Hyun's @onewaypeter #sbspopasiakpopstudio - Behind the scenes OneWay's new single "broken" filming https://t.co/sgCYNwJTYb

#sbspopasiakpopstudio thanks for a great show @onewaypeter, thanks for playing both new #Oneway tracks, have a great week and travel safely

#sbspopasiakpopstudio @onewaypeter i would love to hear more of the other #SuperJunior members try out their vocals, they all sing well

#sbspopasiakpopstudio @onewaypeter thank u for filling us on on ur visit to see @donghae861015, I am missing #Ryeowook so much

#sbspopasiakpopstudio @onewaypeter your starting the show the best way possible, loving your #Oneway #Vibes :) loving #Broken too

@onewaypeter talk about behind the scenes during the mv/photoshooting for oneway new song broken... #sbspopasiakpopstudio

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