อย่ามั่นนะคะลูกสาว อยากขึ้นเต้นแทน ว่าซ่านนน55555
#savejenny https://t.co/vSm6Wr4vEz

อย่ามั่นนะคะลูกสาว อยากขึ้นเต้นแทน ว่าซ่านนน55555 #savejenny https://t.co/vSm6Wr4vEz

@ochocinco Help me out Fam, been on the front lines in DC since Day 1. #savejenny , I done quit my job cus enough is enough. $TheBonnie

You can watch Jenny on her live. She’s out there doing the Lord’s work. #LoveYouJenny #SaveJenny https://t.co/vk7xczI8L7

You can watch Jenny on her live. She’s out there doing the Lord’s work. #LoveYouJenny #SaveJenny https://t.co/vk7xczI8L7

@KerriMe_Away @MayorBowser Yup just went to Jenny’s live remember #savejenny she’s live and barricaded in by cops

Quoted @KerriMe_Away

It’s like 5 helicopters circling the area, police have barricaded the protesters in nobody can exit. Police are beating the entire fuck out of protestors. Tear gassing the whole crowd, shooting rubber bullets. NONE OF THE OFFICERS HAVE ON BADGES EITHER. @MayorBowser SHAME

Yup just went on #SaveJenny ‘s live they’re barricaded in by cops https://t.co/khcAxg7RHV

Quoted @wcp

When police contained protesters on the narrow residential street, multiple neighbors opened their homes to those in need. https://t.co/k8M5qPF9fJ

BTW #SwannStreet #savejenny https://t.co/0wqiABQ6MO

Is anyone willing to donate food monies for the #swannst reunion this Saturday? #rahul #savejenny #dc #dcprotests #blmdc @PoPville

@skelechiwatson Be prepared for hot sticky weather. Bring electrolytes and a hat/parasol at the very least. #WashingtonDC Allies -- I hope you once again open up your homes, hearts, and wallets and help accommodate the influx of people to our city. cc #SaveJenny

@Aprivate67 Now get yourself together a create a “ God “ message, one that will motivate your friends and family to take the respective opportunities to help develop your county for the betterment of your society. Get other girls involved then donate to a woman’s rights #Hashtag #SaveJenny

Here’s a link to a go fund me to support the black protestors from #swannstreet Monday night. https://t.co/8LDxLCKtj9 #dc #dcprotests #rahul #savejenny

#SaveJenny??? Jenny Craig??? AH HELL NO!

Feds are unconstitutionally surveilling protesters' phones from airplane-mounted Stingray devices. Turn your locations off and Airplane mode on! (Ironic.) A must read from @KimZetter in @WIRED from 2014. https://t.co/38qrC9T7bZ #DCProtests #WashingtonDCProtest #SaveJenny

ingenting som att försvara rättigheter som att plundra en chanelbutik 💅. alltid protesterande men modekärlekar. 🙄🙃🤦🏻‍♀️🤐#AFROAMERICANO #BLMprotest #Anomymous #AvengersAssemble #calminkirkland #Corona #Apocalipsis #fashion #JusticeForFloyd #savejenny #SweetNightToTheWorld https://t.co/KjS0BX5AaN

Chris @108mics and I spoke about Freddie Gibbs, The Jeff Epstein doc, #BlackLivesMatter protests, @atomoskhan and @moshpxt in DC this week - #SaveJenny, Thouxanbanfauni, the future of OVO, KSI, fuck elevator and the “out of shadows” doc.

But also, 1 mural in the street cannot be in place of real reform. We cannot forget the incidents of police violence we've seen come out of DC (such as on Swann St #SaveJenny). Art is powerful and we can celebrate it, and continue to advocate for changes in policy #blm

@joerogan I listen to your podcasts a lot. I'm not left, nor am I right. But when at home, where people are allowed to be, but the police still took aggressive routes, what do you do? #SaveJenny

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