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Of course it is ☹️ #sadsies https://t.co/OoAj1jS3O8

The richest mine ever discovered is on the deadliest planet in the galaxy.

2 months ago

My sweet little stinky fish would’ve turned fourteen this week. I miss your whole face Marley!!! #lossishard #lingeringaffects #twoyears #mybabyboy #robertnestamarleynamesake #partnersincrime #sadsies… https://t.co/11zK0pZvbQ

@mandydonovan IF there are fewer than six of you AND/OR you've known them since grade school AND/OR anybody recently sent you a birthday card with money in it, you 100% have to announce your departure. Otherwise, oh no my house is going through a tunnel #sadsies ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Todos hablando de un tal Julián y yo acá que ni me entero de nada porque llevo relativamente poco siendo activa en tw, cómo chucha se hace amigos acá ajxxjxj:( #sadsies

Getting my stuff and getting out of here #sadsies #keepitpeacefulpals (@ New York Hilton Midtown Parking Garage in New York, NY) https://t.co/gB5w6BZ45D

4-6 weeks of Young and the Restless and that’s it for now. No sports and soap for me. #Sadsies

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Pulling my head up from the market hatch job going on. IF my man Brady leaves New England, I hope he ends up in Tampa. 1. Close to my podcast co hosts. 2. Wildly fun offensive scheme for him. 3. Not in AFC 4. Weapons for him to chase another title. 5. Young strong defense.

Reposting. I’m still #sadsies not Blaine Gabbart #sadsies but close https://t.co/HD6JymPOAo

6 months ago

@suekatea @KaitRhea :[ #sadsies also, allllll the schooool work that now I have to force myself to do...

Super Sunday *and* St. Patty's cancelled. #sadsies

So much quality content on Twitter right now. But I have to go to work.... #Sadsies https://t.co/01c0WFKJjk

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10 point tease I like today; Bills +12.5 Under 53.5 Bills Texans Titans +14.5

Bills lose, Pats lose at least this spiked. #sadsies https://t.co/sNAcPOtk0z

Whelp guess I don’t have to worry about getting Patriots Chiefs tickets in Foxboro. #sadsies https://t.co/U9EViDcpvm

10 months ago

I can't believe I missed a Tom Brady meltdown last night...#sadsies

Panthers killed all my teasers today. #sadsies

@stylespromoarmy @Harry_Styles I’d love to go to any of his concerts. Unfortunately I’m quite sick (#chronicillness ) and would never make it even past the opening presentations 😕 (#sadsies ). So take vids and post’em so I can see 🙂

No #Vagabond to look forward to this weekend. #sadsies

Goes without saying super #Sadsies we’re on the Jets. But someone mic up that Belichick huddle please. Up 24. 3 turnovers. Huddle up the D. Incredible.

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