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“Raheem Sterling bought his mum a house, which is a positive story, and the headline was disgusting.” “Harry Maguire potentially gets himself in trouble but gets the benefit of the doubt.” Darren Bent questions why Sterling & Maguire are represented differently in the media. https://t.co/WmUGVqAqQm

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Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex Now is your chance to rise above the rest. Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design. Gear up with a machine as savage as you are. Stylish outside. Savage inside.

u didnt get ur 1st trump checc due to bacc child support u recieve a letter in da mail from trump sayin if u vote fa him u will not only get dat 2nd checc u will get da 1st one too do u vote fa trump ? #QuestionsThatNeedToBeAnswered

yo day one of 25yrs decides to rob a bank he/she gets a way wit 1.7M & tosses u 100K jus cuz den u see on da news derz a 500K reward fa da arrest of him/her do u turn him/her in ? #QuestionsThatNeedToBeAnswered

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What do yall women do with the hair on your neck &side burns? Just let it grow? ..

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How do you get funny? Asking for a friend 👉👈 #Twitter #Funny #QuestionsThatNeedToBeAnswered

So this is twitter? Talking to yourself? Or am i just in the tutorial still? #QuestionsThatNeedToBeAnswered

3 months ago

It takes eight writers to write a song about closing doors? #questionsthatneedtobeanswered

So do you wipe towards or away from your gooch #questionsthatneedtobeanswered

Lamar Lee
9 months ago

@DairyQueen do y’all still sell the Star Kiss? And dilly bars #questionsthatneedtobeanswered

@Maliceatown Why is the bottom ones handle so curved ? #questionsthatneedtobeanswered

9 months ago

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did he nut quick or were you just a quick nut? 🤐 https://t.co/JGQCliWr8G

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