So-called organizers of #CampJTD and Camp Teddy have, over the past 3 months, orchestrated one the biggest cons in #phillyprotest history. Beware before you send your congrats and circulate this news of victory around the world. Lessons can be learned from this.

@JesseBl42541605 @FOX29philly Order? You call the #PoliceBrutality order? Your ignorance is precisely why communities of #BIPOC are rising up. They see the system is no good, gotta break it down before it can be built back. #PhillyPA #phillyprotest #pitt #Pittsburgh #blm #riot #Pennsylvania #AbolishThePolice

Quoted @refusefascismPH

TONIGHT Independence Mall 6PM Jam out with @resistcompany then we march gathering more people to demand #TrumpPenceOutNow https://t.co/9Lr6IPjkLY

We are heading over to City Hall Dilworth Park meet us there! #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace #TrumpPenceOutNow #Phillyprotest https://t.co/6vVHqbJzIv

Last night dozens gathered in Independence Mall for Day 2 of day-after-day protests demanding Trump/Pence Out Now! We’re creating something new here and it’s up to all of us to grow this urgently, stop the fascists’ rolling coup and drive them out #TrumpPenceOutNow #PhillyProtest https://t.co/L1VKLVvNQ5

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Philadelphia, PA https://t.co/oz9V6LZzwD

#PhillyProtest The city blocks off these streets to car traffic every once in awhile so the restaurants can offer outdoor dining. But instead of being able to have a nice peaceful meal, diners are subjected to a bunch of spergs in the middle of the street. https://t.co/HNYr2YuYHw

I am going on a hunger strike until lunch. Something needs to change in this damn town. #phillyprotest #Philly #sports

B Jay
24 days ago

Feds Arrest Philly Treasurer For Theft, Fraduently Obtaining US Citizenship – Washington News #phillyprotest #BLMIsATerroristOrganization https://t.co/K4u1iUEy9B

A few of the signs he tore down #phillyprotest

Philadelphia POLICE Tear Gas Protesters on the 676!! https://t.co/TBSuuKJDkE via @YouTube When the #philly police tear gases the protesters on June 1st 2020. #Philadelphia #protests #BLM #Riots #Riots2020 #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor #phillyprotest #GeorgeFloyd

@august17th__ warning: there’s a caravan of police buses headed your way. Be Careful! #phillyprotest #SayHerNameBreonnaTaylor https://t.co/xIuTGyzZXC

Gabby W-B
24 days ago

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The picture the Proud Boys wanted. Lots of white power “👌🏼” https://t.co/qSifeQNdgp

The picture the Proud Boys wanted. 

Lots of white power “👌🏼” https://t.co/qSifeQNdgp

Proud and scared little weak boys marching around and throwing up their racist gang signs in Old City and Center City... @PhillyPolice shame on you for escorting, protecting and supporting these racists!!! Philly... do your thing. #phillyprotest @PhillyMayor @PhiladelphiaGov https://t.co/rOhdhrn6Ti

zeke smith
24 days ago

Quoted @refusefascismPH

They are headed to stop our mass meeting organizing for mass nonviolent day after day protest launching Oct 3 to get #TrumpPenceOutNow They are rising like future is on the line. Will we? We won’t cower,humanity is counting on us. Come out & show your support!! No fascist USA! https://t.co/qvLv8BzrRk

If you are able to get there come support refuse fascism in philly right now! #TrumpPenceOutNow #phillyprotest #Philly https://t.co/39rO6ZT1G9

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