#MyMomIsTheTypeTo say lol in a voice note

Lenovo Legion x @PlayApex Now is your chance to rise above the rest. Unmatched performance, purposeful engineering, modern design. Gear up with a machine as savage as you are. Stylish outside. Savage inside.

#Mymomisthetypeto love me unconditionally even if my wife won't.

#Mymomisthetypeto lick her thumb and clean my face out in public.

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo in the depths of her pain, will help others.

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo welcome anyone to a holiday meal she cooked. Love ya mom!!!

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo bake cookies during a tornado.

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo Listen, she died Oct. 1st 2004

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo tell stories of elementary school minutiae as if they hold gravitas now.

Everyone loving the saxophone 🎷 player mixing hip hop songs at Kourt K’s bday, let me tell you Jazmina got me one for my 27th birthday. She knows what’s up. #Beentheredonethat #MyMomIsTheTypeTo

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo keep it real...a little too real at times... that’s where I get my sass from. #aintnobodygottime4fake #cancerian #lovethiswoman #FridayThoughts

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo dance faster than me and telling me to "keep up" while dancing merengue.

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo cook for you on the spot. You will never go hungry. She would have a heart attack knowing you haven't eaten all day. https://t.co/6x9NoL6X0B

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo ask for seconds after the just had her thirds

#MyMomIsTheTypeTo find me a future husband without my consent. She really wants grandkids y'all! πŸ˜‚

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