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broke: #millenneagram 1s overthink woke: 1s don't overthink, they see a problem and think exactly enough to resolve it bespoke: 1s have intense knee-jerk reactions to things and then rationalize them at length; they actually overfeel more than they overthink

I just used the phrase “sensory bombardment of mediocrity” and then realized immediately that I was describing the #millenneagram 1 experience in a nutshell.

Finally listening to the #Millenneagram episode with @MaraWilson. There's so much in there I identify with—as a 2, the notion that I must always be useful hits very hard (although more in a 2 way where it hits even when it's not enjoyable LOL), and having OCD

Quoted @irenemcho

Wht will @Zondervan and @ivpress do w the awareness tht #ChrisHeuertz is a predator?? Tht he's someone who grooms women, esp WoC? There's only one rt action to take. Will they be brave enough to do it? #TimesUp #MeToo #churchtoo #Enneagram https://t.co/5MHlWLMOFg

One thing @Zondervan @ivpress can do is contract WoC to write abt the enneagram. We're tired of hearing frm white men on this subject whn it was appropriated frm indigenous folks frm the beginning anyways #Enneagram #Millenneagram #SacredEnneagram #MeToo #ChurchToo #TimesUp https://t.co/F7BOKe2XQS

Future Time Orientation: Type 8 Eights seek to pave the way toward their goals by planning exactly how to power past any and all obstacles. #enneagram #enneagram8 #millenneagram

Present Time Orientation: Type 6 Sixes immerse themselves in whatever current situation is triggering the Type’s “danger” warning system. #enneagram #enneagram6 #millenneagram

Finally bought myself this 1w2 #millenneagram mug since no one would do it for me https://t.co/6jnkdRhCDr

Finally bought myself this 1w2 #millenneagram mug since no one would do it for me https://t.co/6jnkdRhCDr

Present Time Orientation: Type One One’s act in either a flurry of movement or methodical steps, to correct and perfect moment-by-moment the things that come to their attention. #Enneagram #enneagram1 #millenneagram

RT @enneagrampaths: Respecting a 6: Allowing space for them to process all the scenarios, because you know they’ll unearth weaknesses in your plan or project that will ultimately help you succeed. 6s are on your side. #enneagram #millenneagram #enneagram6

Present Time Orientation: Type 2 Type Two’s emotions and thoughts center often on what someone else needs, seeking to fulfill it immediately, without regard to past experiences or future consequences. #enneagram #enneagram2 #millenneagram

I’ve been looking into #enneagram lately, and I’m surprised that I’ve yet to see 3s described as being skilled in “code switching”, as I feel like it’s an appropriate term for the “chameleon” aspects #millenneagram

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Gedi Lee - Rush . . . #millenneagram #SuccessStory

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Gedi Lee - Rush . . . . . #millenneagram #SuccessStory #accessangad

@hannahpaasch I’ve learned so much from you here and on the #millenneagram podcast. So grateful that our journeys overlapped here and will continue to follow you on IG. Love that you are prioritizing your own health & healing. You set such a beautiful example for us all. 💙

I’ll still be online on Insta & will be uploading at least a month or two more of beautiful #millenneagram interviews I’ve conducted during quarantine.

From @rachelheldevans inspiring me to blog about leaving purity culture (bless her) to starting #ChurchToo & #millenneagram - this website has seen my best & most brilliant moments as well as my deepest, darkest traumas. My joys & my heartbreaks.

Past Time Orientation: Type 5 Five’s thoughts center most often on analyzing what has already happened, making sense of previous experiences and feelings, and coming up with logical solutions to earlier problems. #enneagram #enneagram5 #millenneagram

Past Time Orientation: Type 4 Four’s emotions and thoughts center most often on what has already happened, what they regret, or an ideal experience they romanticize. #Enneagram #millenneagram #enneagram4

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