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Zack Abbott, CEO of @ZBioticsCompany, will be speaking in the session "The #Microbiome: From decoding nature to #biotech breakthroughs" at #SynBioBeta2020 https://t.co/63z5ljFnKo https://t.co/Bmk3dLrP4e

The richest mine ever discovered is on the deadliest planet in the galaxy.

Human gut microbiota metabolism of dietary sesquiterpene lactones: untargeted metabolomics study of lactucopicrin and lactucin... - García CJ et al. - https://t.co/uaHFvrSWAg #microbiome

Dysregulation of tryptophan catabolism at the host-skin microbiota interface in hidradenitis suppurativa. - Guenin-Macé L et al. - https://t.co/VfbyxEKso3 #microbiome

Population-level assessment of atlas occipitalization in artificially modified crania from pre-hispanic peru. - Pott LN et al. - https://t.co/fz6q5UI6e3 #microbiome

Newly-introduced cardinium endosymbiont reduces microbial diversity in the rice brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens. - Li TP et al. - https://t.co/xkIRGLjJc9 #microbiome

Early life disruption of the microbiota affects organ development and cytokine gene expression in threespine stickleback. - Kirschman LJ et al. - https://t.co/W1YHRIBy5E #microbiome

Breeding selection imposed a differential selective pressure on the wheat root-associated microbiome. - Kinnunen-Grubb M et al. - https://t.co/5x41mf5tE1 #microbiome

Feasibility of fecal microbiota transplantation via oral gavage to safely alter gut microbiome composition in marmosets. - Ross CN et al. - https://t.co/5a6TlOxURL #microbiome

The vaginal microbiome in pregnant women: knowledge gaps in relation to clinical relevance. - Witkin SS et al. - https://t.co/4vfrBQd8R3 #microbiome

Identification of bacteriophages in the vagina of pregnant women: a descriptive study. - Charlys da Costa A et al. - https://t.co/kybAkRibsH #microbiome

Macrophages maintain epithelium integrity by limiting fungal product absorption. - Chikina AS et al. - https://t.co/Z6UuARCwmC #microbiome

Covid-19 vaccinations in patients with inflammatory bowel disease. - Kumar A et al. - https://t.co/AlfEbHPhHS #microbiome

Electroacupuncture preserves intestinal barrier integrity through modulating the gut microbiota in dss-induced chronic colitis... - Wang L et al. - https://t.co/9NX7rJhKdr #microbiome

Microbiome and substances of abuse. - Salavrakos M et al. - https://t.co/662MlYT3T5 #microbiome

Anorexia nervosa and gut microbiota: a systematic review and quantitative synthesis of pooled microbiological data. - Di Lodovico L et al. - https://t.co/zLNIKSmgGT #microbiome

Intuitive eating is associated with elevated levels of circulating omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acid-derived endocanna... - Rochefort G et al. - https://t.co/jTMOk6hPz9 #microbiome

Assessing causal relationship from gut microbiota to heel bone mineral density. - Ni JJ et al. - https://t.co/9pjoDlXGkf #microbiome

High altitude as a possible factor for dysbiosis of salivary microbiome in orthodontic patients. - AlShahrani I et al. - https://t.co/0aHDJD3nLB #microbiome

A pilot rna-seq study in 40 pietrain ejaculates to characterize the porcine sperm microbiome. - Gòdia M et al. - https://t.co/CBciFsfEwW #microbiome

The role of gut microbiota (gm) and gm-related metabolites in diabetes and obesity. a review of analytical methods used to ... - Mojsak P et al. - https://t.co/W8sym4j4Uo #microbiome

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