Briefing of KUNA main news for Saturday until 00:00 GMT https://t.co/4wYKCdwWU4 #KUNA #KUWAIT

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Charter flights for stranded staff from banned 34 countries ——— KUWAIT CITY, Sep 26: The Corona Emergency Committee headed by the Deputy Prime ... #kuwait Full Article: https://t.co/ZSGdkY3tur... https://t.co/ZSGdkY3tur

حان الآن موعد صلاة الصبح حسب توقيت الكويت. 04:33 ص - انتهاء فضيلة الصبح 05:15 ص، الشروق 05:39 ص. #kuwait

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#Kuwait calls for end to Israeli occupation in #Palestine https://t.co/BSKdCovvSS

Wow is the fate of the Arab #Palestinian cause being led by #Kuwait now??!! How sad. https://t.co/kDNufkimUQ

10,482 Kuwaitis employed in 86 days ——— KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: The Civil Service Commission has succeeded in employing 1... #kuwait Full Article: https://t.co/XPwku9Ztyi... https://t.co/XPwku9Ztyi

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