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25 minutes ago

hi buddies!! not new here just bored af so i make a comeback to #kpoptwt and #anitwt looking for mutuals so pls like/rt if you stan : treasure izone twice tbz skz loona itzy weeekly kpop anime don’t hesitate to dm me, im going to do my carrd later! <3 https://t.co/3qimctxGHC

hii i’m new to #kpoptwt / #stantwt rt/like to be moots :> - DAY6 - GOT7 - ITZY - MAMAMOO - STRAY KIDS - TWICE - WINNER Let's be friends please😊❤❤❤ https://t.co/ZowO5OplKX

i need more army moots 😩‼️ #kpoptwt pls interact if ur an aroha / army

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A dynamite of a night awaits! Catch @BTS_twt on America's Got Talent, tomorrow at 9 PM, on Colors Infinity & Voot Select. #BTS #KPOP #AGT https://t.co/K9sINHiGOB

#BTS #kpoptwt https://t.co/tQrGbjFd2k

Más mutuals #mutuals #BTS #kpoptwt pliss pongan me gusta a mis publicaciones vamos armysss por todo el mundo

new to #kpoptwt and im looking for oomfs who stan these legendary groups! — stray kids — day6 — nct — treasure — itzy — red velvet — aespa rt/like for follow!!! 🥰

15 likes I’ll mention someone I hate on #kpoptwt

#Anitwt #kpoptwt lets be friends g

@darthcaro #kpoptwt cmon we need yalls helps with this one

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