So I joined the #trimmingtribe and got myself a Meridian Groomer. It claims to be knick free! Unfortunately @meridianformen I got knicked about 5-6 times. I’ve never been so upset about a purchase before! #balls #knicks #shaving #grooming

@SamFree1992 Yes only if Randle gets traded or packaged for someone like a markanen not sure if that's how it's spelled but you get me #knicks need spacing

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Biden: “my son was a distinguished veteran-“ Trump: https://t.co/dBazrA4V7W https://t.co/xixw5FPcLe

As a #Knicks fan, I’m proud our team gave us this gem lol https://t.co/Vlapz8SIei

That was the worst 90 minutes I ever spent watching #television and I'm a #mets , #jets #knicks fan. #Debate2020 #debates #PresidentialDebate #trump #Biden

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David Nurse (@DavidNurseNBA) has known new Knicks associate head coach Johnnie Bryant for years. Here, Nurse explains why Bryant is the right coach for NYK's young players, what Jeremy Lin can bring to an NBA team and his new book, Pivot & Go: https://t.co/pJ6oxgBWgC

This coach gets a lot of buzz. Can’t wait for this season to start already! #Knicks https://t.co/LgUfeaskWL

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Tom Thibodeau has a reputation as one of the NBA’s hardest-working coaches. He indirectly referenced that Friday when he said thinking about NYK has been ‘all-consuming’ for him. “That’s really what I think about all the time. How can we get better?” More: https://t.co/gKYHZO54uC

THIS is what we need! #workethic #Knicks https://t.co/aZVb9SqYl0

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RJ Hampton hope to get a clear message across to New York during the interview. https://t.co/wEIEwAmtQt

RJ Hampton hope to get a clear message across to New York during the interview. https://t.co/wEIEwAmtQt

If he’s available, get him. I want players who WANT to be here! #knicks @AaliyahNevaeh7 @MsMJsays @nyjetsgirl25 @lominatti https://t.co/u7c6IVdWiX

@elizaorlins "I don't think NY will ever recover." - Trump New York is home to the #Isles #Jets #Knicks and #Mets They have had some of the worst seasons any team has ever seen. Their fans have NEVER given up on them. I hope New Yorkers show Trump that will never give up on their city.

#Knicks Julius Randle was not a fan favorite in his first year in The Big Apple. One year removed from his 21.4 PPG on 52% in New Orleans, Randle regressed to scoring 19.5 PPG on 46%. https://t.co/I7z0HgMeRI

RJ Barrett now lighting it up in the #Knicks bubble https://t.co/d4ENHksbHO

For @TheKnicksWall--A dive into Memphis' Precious Achiuwa. More time before the NBA Draft means more prospect profiles! You'll either fall in love with his athleticism and high motor, or be put off by the project of developing him offensively. #Knicks https://t.co/B0gIzysUu0

@DougHMcLachlan The best of course is wearing gear of these sad sack teams far out of the geographical area. Sure Oilers gear gets me sympathetic nods in #yeg but wearing my #Knicks or #ASRoma gear just gets me 😒

@HenryNuggslll Nah it’s cool ! I was asking since U know I’m runnin with the Nets, U run with Lakers ... We talking about the clippers lol, question is, who’s the east coast clippers? I wanna say the #Knicks for obvious Geographic reasons lol, but I feel like #Boston did sum Clippers shxt too

@HenryNuggslll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yo Nuggs! U funny Bro That’s True ... Yo who U think are the West Coast “#Clippers” in my case? I wanna say the #Knicks because thats the other NY team, however, #Boston is whole DIFFERENT NY Rivalry & they got exposed by #Miami Lol

#NBADraft PG LaMelo Ball said he interviewed with #Knicks, and according to @StevePopper, it was before the lottery.

Heat's rising rookie star Tyler Herro praises new #Knicks assistant: 'Like a father figure' #NBAFinals https://t.co/IDpFgcMQTF via @nypostsports

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According to @KevinOConnorNBA, #NBADraft SF-PF Patrick Williams has drawn heavy interest from teams in the mid-to-late lottery. https://t.co/XN4Q0L4hdM

According to @JCMacriNBA, #Knicks (#8) have done their homework on #NBADraft SF-PF Patrick Williams. https://t.co/gTQ8Q6oGsh

According to @JCMacriNBA, #Knicks (#8) are interested in #NBADraft PG Kira Lewis Jr.

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Per @NYPost_Berman, if #Knicks are in the #6-10 range in #NBADraft, PG Cole Anthony, PG Tyrese Haliburton, PG Killian Hayes, PG Tyrese Maxey will be in play, and maybe even trading back for PG-SG R.J. Hampton or PG Kira Lewis Jr.

According to @JCMacriNBA, #Knicks (#8) are interested in #NBADraft PG Cole Anthony. https://t.co/Ar5mZWtBUI

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