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Mask guys😷 S: Intentions- @.justinbieber C: @._______youngmoney L: @.x_academy_official #intentionschallenge #intentions #justinbieber #YGX https://t.co/yve8nfQaHo

Vou treinar o #intentionschallenge pro meu amigo @justinbieber se orgulhar de mim.

Doing the #intentionschallenge because we want to #dancewithleisa of #teamleefamily dadgoals101. We are rooting for you girl! Every dance video we see you in, we are inspired i.n.l.i.f.e. Sending healing vibes,… https://t.co/zx5RLCS90n

GT Kamana killed this one again ooo. Intention @gtkamana (cover) Oya justinbieber and @quavostuntin make una come carry una brother oo😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #justinbieber #intentions #intentionschallenge #quavo… https://t.co/z31FQAyO13

When the baby is about to come out but we just had to drop a dance video real quick 🤣 c_lo108 castrochicco #intentionschallenge justinbieber @nickdemoura @ Cleveland, Ohio https://t.co/A59O69C7nt

Ako naman hahamon sainyo hahaha mweset hahaha. Kala nyo ah. @Joreza4 @itsmedivs and all Chanaccs out there. Gawin nyo din tong #IntentionsChallenge😂 https://t.co/AUFf4JN8sO

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