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Quoted @backt0nature

A group of Giraffes is called a "tower", and a tower in motion is called a "journey". https://t.co/cznotoGZwH

“A group of #Anons is called a tower, and a tower in motion is called a “journey” ! Yep fits perfecting. #digitalwarriors https://t.co/fQwRyHtGki

Mama D
19 hours ago

Getting the truth out regardless of censorship commies. We will not be silenced! #digitalwarriors

@cjtruth @TxBelleAnon Been doing so for decades, but I will admit it is nice to not be going kinetic this time. #DigitalWarriors for the assist, but #GodWins is at the helm!

@janiszewski_q Well your a credit to mankind for everything you do so your no slouch. 😜😇🙏🤣 #DigitalWarriors @RealJamesWoods

@EsperDOD tanks Anons #DigitalWarriors aka #Patriots take our non-paid duties and ethics seriously https://t.co/zT9hlShsJb

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