Or through IVRS call center numbers of concerned departments. People can't submit requests for #Rationcard #corrections at V/W secretariats as staff wont take any physical printed applications and give acknowledgement. It happened in #Nuzvid today. @gkd600 @pratishthaa_m

Lydia finds that an open dialogue with her doctor about her relapsing MS has allowed her to feel more empowered and knowledgeable. She encourages other relapsing MS patients to do the same. #MultipleSclerosis https://t.co/J0UUAmjwXl https://t.co/ibzwg0eWag

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@karballahJMR il a pas les chiffres de vos mc’s préférés mais ces derniers Déchiffront ses lyrics. #Corrections #AlaAthiou #BicRouge #LoumouDonn

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@Collector_PDPL @TelanganaCMO @Eatala_Rajender @KTRTRS @IASassociation What on earth does "నిర్వహించనైనది." mean? Shouldn't it be "నిర్వహించడమైనది". #corrections

Quoted @landzygama

Zulu men are where it’s at♥️

ZULU BOY! are where it's at....#Corrections @Nasty_CSA @BigZulu_ZN @DJTira @IamZuluboy @landzygama https://t.co/2g94PkKiBN

@SrBachchan #Tweets के नंबर में #Corrections के बजाए अपनी पत्नि #JayaBachchan के दिमाग़ का #Corrections कराएं, अपने घर में सब ने थाली में छेद कर रखें हैं, तो लोगों को सिख देने के बजाए ख़ुद को देखलो पहले @SrBachchan & #JayaBachchan #BollywoodDrugGang #Bollywoodkithali

@MallikarjunaNH @Twitter ಇವರಿಗೆ ಇದೇ ಒಂದು ಸಂಭ್ರಮ ಅನ್ಸುತ್ತೆ !! #corrections

@TheCajunPhoenix #corrections 202 224-2541 but not taking messages at this time. I will use the email option.

1 son, 15 corrections Dip, one lyrical, Akhlou brick, Dizzy kha, Ngaka, Matadi, Hakill, MASS, Carlou D, Samba Peuzi, Elzo, Tounkara de la 2Stv😅, "Omzo et ou Taiji Scin, Leuz Diwaan J", vous êtes interpelés directement. #Corrections #Karballah

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Karballah #Corrections bi dall neu dei. Quel homme 💥 !!!! #Kzé 🐐

Entre piques et S/o ya eu du monde quand meme mdr: Ngaaka, Matadi, Carlou D, Fou Malade & Co, Bril Fight 4, MASS, Dip , Dizzy Kha & Reptyle, One lyrical, Ada Knibal, Elzo, DON ZAP, bref @karballahJMR you’re a beast 🔥🔥🔥 #Karballah #bossbeatz #Corrections

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