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With regards to #studentlockdown. Students should not have been pushed by universities to go back to campus just to line their pockets. BUT having spoken to several sources about the situation in Halls, students openly discuss flouting the rules and huge parties are happening (1)

And quite right too, that students are flouting the rules and trying to live a normal life. What's wrong is unis charging them full-whack for YouTube lectures, students should have refused to pay en-masse. Students should be proud to party and have fun. #bedwetter https://t.co/IzVVN7ZOvj

@tomhfh Get those bed sheets ready Tommy #Bedwetter ?

Good morning!
#abdl #bedwetter #bloodsugar #incontinence but my bed is dry and my #diaper is soggy 
Have a great day!!! https://t.co/nSHPrFrnIL

Good morning! #abdl #bedwetter #bloodsugar #incontinence but my bed is dry and my #diaper is soggy Have a great day!!! https://t.co/nSHPrFrnIL

@ProfBrianCox my other half was a fan of yours. Not any more. I doubt she'll be the only one. #bedwetter #defundthebbc

Oops! Lost another follower, must be a #Bedwetter #coronavirus #Overreaction #Bye

@peterwalker99 One of the results of long Covid is talking out your arse #BedWetter #ByeByeBoris #TickTock

Just been in @LoveWilko in Altrincham and some cock in a muzzle challenged the wife for being too close to him in the queue ,was told in no uncertain terms to fuck off lol .......#bedwetter #sheep #sad

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@MayorofLondon The army must be put with the police to enforce the law and they must fire tear gas bombs to disperse the crowd ! #COVIDIOTS 🀦🏼

It says it in the name.... This guy is calling for #martialLaw This guy has not left his basement in months and probably got NO fingernails left 😱 SCARED to DeAtH..... #bedwetter https://t.co/MvypOqta5r

@MrRBourne @RMLLowe Go and hide under your bed Ryan. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out. #bedwetter

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I am waiting in a to go line. There is this man talking loudly on his phone about how if the pick is not Garland POTUS should be impeached because that’s just not fair. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

He’s a #Bedwetter https://t.co/UR80j2LXci

@ElleStardust93 Stop clutching your pearls and actually do your research like these freedom fighters have. NOT conspiracy theorists or thick people, these are fighting against tyranny and lies. If you actually opened your eyes and woke up you’d understand! #bedwetter

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