@SandiMargolis @NBA @SacramentoKings @KingJames @ATLHawks @DetroitPistons @Bucks @HornetsReddit What a joke. Pro sports should not be involved in political warfare. #banthenba

@yuanyi_z I can't recall the last time I committed an act of genocide, but my memory is not what it was. #BanTheNBA!

Im up here telling babe how ima find a scary movie for tonight & this nigga said the game gone be on. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘ #banthenba

@SteveKerr You are lying. Shame on you and your team. Good luck with the ratings, loser. #bantheNBA

@SteveKerr Your message is clear... you are with China because money comes from China. @Nike, @NBA push this false narrative. You are part of the problem. Support America #banthenba

@espn Won’t be tuning in to any NBA again. #bantheNBA

How long before the NHL gives in to the mob.#bantheNBA. Oh and Epstein didn’t kill him self

@ScottforFlorida @NBA #bantheNBA,#freehongkong NBA (National Basketball Association) needs to change their name and remove "national"!

Quoted @charliekirk11

Hilarious to see Black NBA players who make millions a year take a knee to try and tell us black people can’t succeed in America. Kick them out of the league. Done watching the NBA.

#BanTheNBA https://t.co/3CphzpxOfG

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